How To Sell Your Car


Selling your junk car is a rewarding experience, once it is completed. However, if you are like a large majority of people, it is much easier to procrastinate than it is to actually complete the sale of your junk car. This is totally understandable, but like all things that you can shove to the back of your mind, it will eventually rear its head and request your attention.

This could be for a variety of reasons, including the necessity to reclaim that space. Such as the space in your backyard that has slowly accrued more and more stuff that seems to have piled around the junk vehicle. In other situations, it may be that you have run into an issue with paying all of your debts. This isn’t uncommon, and being able to make your assets liquid can be a great benefit when the trying times come knocking.

However, perhaps an even more troubling reason than those described above is that you may not know what options are available to you for selling your junk car. This is an issue that happens to many of us, and as the old saying goes, “if you’ve never done it, then you probably don’t know how to do it.” Luckily, you are not alone.

Selling your vehicle can be an overwhelming process. Are you getting the best deal? Have you removed everything you need from the vehicle? Why not just give it away to your family member who is learning to drive? There can be such myriad reasons for your car-selling difficulties it would be impossible to describe your situation accurately. Instead, rely on the common pieces of advice from those who have tread the road before you.

Pieces of advice such as:

Donate it to a Charity Foundation

There are many donation services available to take your junk car away. This will give you the biggest boost to your confidence as you rest assured that you have properly disposed of the vehicle and it will likely increase another person’s happiness. However, it will probably not net you significant value for the work, although many services will offer you tax rebates for the vehicle sale. Instead of donation, it may be worth the consideration to:

Sell it to a Used Car Dealer

Selling your vehicle to a used car lot is also an effective method of selling your junk car. In this method, you will have to sign over the vehicle, and likely it will have to run sufficiently for it to have any value in their eyes. This can sometimes cause the hassle to outweigh the benefit as it may involve costly repairs to make it run, and even then that may not translate into the full value of those repairs when it comes time for the sale.

Use a Cash for Junk Cars Service

A cash for junk cars service may be the best method to go with if your vehicle is not running, or is missing key components, like the ability to run or 4 wheels. These services will offer good money for your junk car, and will also likely schedule a tow so you don’t have to worry about getting the junk car to its destination.

Furthermore, some of the best cash for junk cars programs will even have websites where you can get an approximate quote for your vehicle prior to scheduling the tow. This means you can shop around for the best deal from the comfort of your home. It may be the best method for you to pursue if you don’t have a reliably running car or vehicle.

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