How To Stay Calm When Your Car Breaks Down


Imagine the alarm clock has failed to wake you up again, and you are already late to work. After a moment of hesitation you decide that shower is optional and not mandatory before going to work, and you rush to your garage. Unfortunately, it seems that it is not the end of your troubles – after a 5-minute drive, your car breaks down. You have ignored the p0011 code error for far too long. For a brief moment, you think that Camus was unquestionably wrong about Sisyphus. Okay, so if French philosophers are of no help, what should you do instead?

  • Pull over to a safe area, so that you won’t be blocking the road.

  • To make things easier for the oncoming cars, turn on the hazard lights. If other drivers don’t see you, they might drive into your car, and the issues troubling you will become much more severe.

  • Exit the car, though remember to do it from the side away from the traffic.

  • Call for roadside assistance.

  • Be patient. Sure, you are in a hurry, but the waiting time isn’t correlated with the number of swears you shout. No, I won’t try to convince you that at least you have a job and a car. Be pissed – that’s all right, just remember that misfortunes such as this are part of everyone’s life.

Unfortunately, there are no magical shortcuts to deal with this problem. We are used to relying on technology, which means that if it fails us, we suddenly become suspicious of everything. If your car has broken down, what will be next, a toaster or a fridge? If you want to learn more about what you should do if your car breaks down, check out this infographic, provided by Fixdapp.

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