How To Use FIXD?


FIXD is an innovative diagnostic tool with a car scanner app. Do you know how to use FIXD? You can use an on-board diagnosis to determine in real-time what problem your car is currently experiencing. Also, you will receive information about the possible costs you would incur if you had the problem solved by a mechanic, for example, a cost estimate. Having this device is the perfect solution if you drive a lot. You can be calm and not have to worry. Not even if you have to travel long distances.

How To Use FIXD car scanner?

The car scanner consists of an OBD ii (ii connection) socket that you can plug in directly under the steering wheel of the car. Also included is the free app, which you can download for FREE directly from the App Store and Play Store. Let’s discover how to use FIXD? Using FIXD is very easy and you have to follow the steps below to activate the scanning application:

  • Check well to find the code reader. You must start by inserting the FIXD OBD2 at the bottom of the vehicle’s steering wheel.
  • Download the application for free from your smartphone’s App Store for your android and iOS device.
  • Proceed to fill in the registration forms that appear and enter your data that will be requested. Then record the number of the OBD2 socket that you will find on the label.
  • Wait for the setup between the OBD sensor and app to complete.

Now is the time to use FIXD automotive to perform a general vehicle condition scan. You can read all diagnosis data directly on your smartphone.

How does it work?

The FIXD device comes in the form of an OBD2 socket that you plug directly under your steering wheel. You should find an OBD2 socket under your dashboard, make sure that before you buy the gadget. Install the FIXD app for free from the Apple Store or the Google play store. The scanner performs real-time engine diagnostics and sends the collected data directly to your smartphone or tablet in plain language. With this device, you avoid unpleasant surprises and unforeseen visits to the garage.

Advantages of the FXD diagnostic tool

This is the most innovative, convenient and affordable car diagnostic device on the market, as I’ve found out from my FIXD experience. In the following, I have summarized the advantages for you at a glance:

1. Lower risk: If you are driving your car and something is wrong with the car, it is never pleasant. But with the device, you have everything under control and you don’t have to employ an expensive mechanic to no avail.

2. Save time: You can save a huge amount of time with this scanner. Because when you call the mechanic, you can already tell him what the problem is.

3.  Practical: It is always very convenient when you can identify for yourself what is going on with your car.

4. Safe and secured: You can always travel safely. You don’t have to panic on the street either, as you always have everything in view with the scanner.

5. Worth of money: This is one of the key points. You can save a lot of money if you don’t want to rely on the nearest mechanic who not only wants to help you, but most of all want to tear you down. If you are a woman, you are particularly at risk for this. The tool is also a great gift for women or friends.

The FIXD scanner only works with the mobile app. So, make sure your phone is working. You cannot call a mechanic directly through the app. It doesn’t work when the car is not running.

Lots of ad hoc repairs for a lot of money

When the mechanic arrived at the workshop, there were other defects on my car, which of course had to be repaired on the spot. In addition to the new oil, I had to pay for various other repairs. At this moment you know exactly that you are being ripped off. But: You are at the mercy of the mechanic. So I had no other choice.

I can think of something else that will make my life more comfortable. I started researching on the internet. With the FIXD for my car, I found the best car monitor currently on the market.

Easy to manage

You can use it to continuously observe the status of your car. The monitor uses understandable terms and no technical jargon. You also save time and money from wasting in unusual servicing. Also, you no longer run the risk of being ripped off by a mechanic again and you don’t have to go to the nearest workshop. You no longer have to fear the breakdown on the road as you can now anticipate all the problems of your car.

Where to buy it?

This car diagnostic tool is affordable and very practical. Moreover, it is really very easy to use. You can purchase FIXD from their official website of the manufacturer. You can pay for the OBD2 Bluetooth system via Paypal or other payment systems. If unfortunately, the product you receive is defective, you can get a refund within 30 days of your purchase. The manufacturer’s website link is If you purchase 2 or more FIXD scanner, you will get a discount.

Final words

This scanner is closely related to economy and comfort for the user who wishes to connect his application from his smart mobile via Bluetooth 4.0 with a real-time diagnosis. Here, we have discussed how to use FIXD? It is really easy to use and fulfils the features promised to its users.

Also, it is a quite useful and efficient obd2 connector. The only thing is that it works exclusively with the application installed on the smartphone. You have to keep the mobile with battery for the OBD2 sensor to be active. Apart from that, it does not allow making phone calls while it is on and the OBD system is disabled when the phone is off.

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