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Are looking for an HVAC vacuum pump for servicing an air conditioning unit? We live in a modern world that has the main purpose of providing human comfort and ease. Air Conditioning industries has made it possible to even maintain 70 to 75-degree temperature by using HVAC technology. As the name indicates HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and air conditioning) systems are specially designed to circulate air from outside and then cool it and use it for inside.

Moreover, HVAC units can be used for both commercial and residential purposes but mostly it is used for commercial use. There are different tools and techniques used for servicing HVAC like AC vacuum pumps.

This article will completely guide you on how an HVAC vacuum pump kit  works and what should be kept in mind before buying a vacuum pump kit?

Why Service is necessary?

A vacuum pump is extensively used for removing air and condensable like water and moisture from the system by air conditioning and refrigeration engineers. Generally, water, air, and moisture inside the system cause the system to work ineffectively and unproductively.

Usually, HVAC systems are used for both heating and cooling purposes in residential and commercial building and moisture and air inside the system requires service and repair. There are some air cooling and heating system that filter and clean indoor air and maintain the optimal humidity level for a healthy and comfortable being.

The basic mechanism of the AC vacuum pump is to remove molecules of water and air from the system because it causes damage to the system. Generally, in a refrigerant system, only oil and refrigerant can circulate if air from the atmosphere enters the system it can cause damage to the system because atmosphere air consists of nitrogen, oxygen, and most importantly water vapors that may cause the system to shut down.

Another reason for the service of the air condition system is that moisture in the system causes the internal parts of the system to corrode and rust.

How does It work?

Generally, an AC vacuum pump removes moisture, water vapors, and air from the system. When the air conditioner system needs a repair or service this procedure should be carried out before, evacuating the refrigerant from the system for later use. If the new system is charged with refrigerant or the existing system goes repair in both cases, there are chances that moisture exists in the system that can contaminate the system.

Typically air condition system has a vacuum pump attached to it via manifold on the high and low-pressure side of the system. The recommended solution to this is to remove the manifold vacuum pump completely and connect the vacuum pump to the suction line with a pressure gauge and connect to the liquid line. The pressure gauge is connected because it gives a true reading. A vacuum pump removes air and moisture from the system and makes it more efficient and productive.

When the troubleshooting and repair are done it’s advised to check whether the system is leak-free.

Basic Assembly of AC vacuum pump

A standard vacuum pump consists of an electric motor on the back, compressor on the front, a handle on the top and base for support. There is a small inlet for the system and an outlet for the atmosphere. Moreover, on the front of the compressor, there is oil sight level glass that tells how much oil is left in the pump.

Things that should be kept in mind before buying a HVACvacuum pump?

Some important things should keep in mind before purchasing an AC vacuum pump.

vacuum Pump Power: Pump power of the pump gives the idea about the performance. If the pump power rating is high the pump is more likely to work better and effectively.

Stages: A vacuum pump comes in 2 stages. Although there is no major difference between the two stages experts say that the stage2 pump gives better performance.

Air Flow: The amount of air moving from the system in a minute is airflow. The higher the rating better the performance of the pump.


HVAC vacuum pump kit are used mostly for commercial use. The main purpose of these pumps is to extract unwanted air and moisture from the AC system.

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