Ideas of How Car Lovers can Decorate their Garage or any Room


Do you know which is the area of ​​the house that is most neglected? This space is one of the most wasted, and it may actually be the best place in the house to invest. The decoration of garages can give us an additional space at home for leisure or other activities.

Choosing Colors for the Garage Walls Inside

Before you start decorating the garage walls, you have to think: what is the best color that will suit your garage? Well, there is no clear answer to which is the best. But the best way is to use canvas prints with cars for wall decoration for your garage.

Light Colors

Since garages are dark spaces, where not much natural light enters, it is better to go for light colors such as white. You already know that white helps create a false impression that there is more space.

This color can be used for the walls and ceilings, while in the finishes of the floors of the garages a pavement in grayish tone is usually used.

The downside is that garages are somewhat dirtier than the rest of the house, due to the smoke from the car’s exhaust pipes, so it may be better to paint the garages in a gray or darker tone.

Decorate the Walls of the Garage with more Cheerful Tones

Red, green, and blue actually, any color is allowed when decorating car garages.But, if you want to show off, and you are passionate about the motor world, why not be more original? Paint the walls as the color of the chassis with the motifs of your favorite racing car, or as if it were a professional racing flag.

I don’t have a car and I want to take advantage of the garage decoration, what do I do?

Undoubtedly, when the greatest potential is drawn from the interior design of garages is when you do not have a car, and you want to make the most of this space.

Well, we give you a few ideas of how you can make the most of it, and you will surely love it:

Kitchen-Dining Room

You are reading that right, the garage can become the kitchen food of your house, especially if it is very small. It can even be a second kitchen for your home.

Adapting it so that it has a good ventilation system is not too difficult, and being a large space, you will feel very comfortable inside.

Game Room

Have you heard of what is known in the United States as a “man cave”? Well, you can have one in the garage!

In fact, even having the car parked, it could become your main space. But if you don’t have the burden of having to store your car inside, you’re in luck.A bar counters with drinks for friends, a large TV, a huge chaise longue you are imagining it, right?


It may not be the most ideal, but if you work well on it, and you are a person who works at home, you can do your work from the garage, and even turn it into your office.Surely your clients will find the idea that you receive them inside a well decorated garage will seem quite original.

Work Zone

For DIY, working on the car, for painting there are many jobs that can be done inside a garage, decorating its walls in the right way.

My Garage is small, and I want to take Advantage of it

Having a small garage does not mean that you cannot get the most out of this space. As much as the car is going to take up most of the space, because there are well decorated garages of miniscule size.So, let’s see what can be done to this garage to get its full potential, what do you think?

Choose the Color Well

We are going to the most important thing, and that is to choose the color well. In this case, since it is such a narrow and small space, have you thought about painting the garage white in gray?

We have already mentioned many times that these colors help make the space seem larger, and it is perfect for these situations.

Choosing the Furniture

Do you have a lot of tools? Many things stored in a box because you have no room? Very good, because these are the furniture you need:


It is clear that in this space you need some cabinets. These can be only on one side of the room, where there is easy access, and not too high so that it is not difficult to access their content, but high enough so that children do not reach.


Shelves should never be lacking in a good garage, because they help keep everything well organized. Although metal is not a bad idea, if the garage is very humid they will rust.

So always choose top quality wooden ones. You can organize everything by sections efficiently.


For some tools it is best to have everything well organized on hangers. The downside is that it is very dangerous, especially if you have children.

Tool Furniture

Some tools such as screwdrivers, hammers … it is not necessary that you have them hanging or in sight. Purchase one of the metal cabinets with drawers to organize them.It will be very practical and you will not have when looking for what you need.


When we told you not to have boxes, we were referring to cardboard boxes. Some wooden or plastic boxes are good to organize some things.

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