In a Nutshell: Everything There Is to Know About Porsche


Porsche remains one of the most desired cars makes. These cars boast stunningly beautiful interiors, smooth as butter driving, great shock absorption, and speed. More modern Porsches include the best of technology with touch screens, 3D sound, and connection to Bluetooth. You are either reading this because you want to learn more about Porsches or because you are a fan who peruses anything and everything about this amazing car. Perhaps we will teach you something new today.

Porsche’s Best Year

Porsche’s best year was 2019. Yes, they sold 280,800 cars. But a large percentage of those were SUVs. Nevertheless, fans still persist in seeing the company as a sports car manufacturer. It is hard to forget the 911, Boxster, and Cayman. 

For those passionate about customizing or maintaining the iconic 911, a wide array of Porsche 911 parts and accessories is available, offering everything from performance enhancements to aesthetic upgrades, ensuring your 911 remains as timeless as ever.

The Cayenne and Macan SUVs and Panamera saloon are less flashy than a sports car, but this is Porsche’s bread and butter. They also received praise for the Taycan electric car. However, the revenue can go into producing more of what we all like to see. 

Porsche Prices and Racing Potential

The 718 Cayman comes with a price tag of $54,060. This is the least you can invest in a Porsche. Still, it is a good car, however basic compared to grander tastes. Then, there was the 918 Spyder, costing a hefty $905,260. Now we are talking great cars, however whimsical, and at a pretty solid price. 

The 918 Spyder was super-fast, breaking ALL other records for top speed, and taking 5m 19.546s to cover thirteen miles. This was a possible feat because the rulebooks had changed that determined the specs for racing sports cars by the time it was built. Watch the amazing speed test captured by the dashcam in this video. Note how the driver, Timo Bernhard, bounces around as shown by the inset camera. This vehicle is a hybrid powered car, with electric and V8 options.

The 959 Spyder and Carrera GT are two more amazing Porsche creations. Together with the 918 Spyder, they have held true to the vision of Porsche sports cars, if not the older regulations. The 959 also had a short time in the spotlight when it was considered the world’s fastest car.

It seems a pity that many stars buy one of these cars and let it lie untouched in their garages. After all, real prestige is found in how you handle these beasts. 

What Type of Person Drives a Porsche?

You have probably come across these sites that tell you about your personality based on the car you drive. Here is what they say about Porsche owners: they hanker after, and often achieve, success.  These drivers can be intellectuals who use their superior brains to fix up their Porsches and bring about as many improvements as possible. However, Porsche repair in Tampa can save you the effort of doing repairs yourself. After all, you do need to be trained on this type of car before you attempt to fix anything. Finally, Porsche drivers believe that driving this vehicle is seen as sexy by everybody they fly past. 

Hopefully, this article has taught you something new or allowed you to enjoy reading about your favorite sports car.  

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