In-Depth Autel Maxisys Elite Review


The Autel Maxisys Elite is an extremely popular diagnostic scan tool. It is the scanner of choice for many professional mechanics, thanks to its impressive compatibility, range of useful functions, and competitive price point. In this review, we’ll give you a solid overview of the Maxisys Elite, delving deep into its best features and giving you all the information you need to decide whether it’s the right tool for you. 

The first section of the review will discuss the scanner’s basic features, before moving onto the more unique and advanced functionality. Then we’ll talk about the scanner’s design and the software that underpins it. Finally, we’ll take a look at the device’s compatibility and let you know which car brands it works best with. 

Basic Features 

Although most of these functions are pretty standard for a modern diagnostic tool, the Autel Maxisys Elite can do all of them to a very high standard. The first is being able to read and clear error codes. 

Read and clear codes 

Being able to read error codes is the bread and butter of a diagnostic scan tool. This Autel device completes this function particularly well though and can diagnose error codes from across a range of vehicle systems. When it detects an error code, it will let the mechanic know where the code originated from, and also suggest what the problem might be that is causing it. This can greatly speed up any vehicle repair. 

The scanner can also clear the error codes after any repairs have been completed. This is arguably just as important as being able to read the errors themselves – you really don’t want to be handing a vehicle back to a customer with error codes still showing. 

Turn off the check engine light 

For the same reasons that a scan tool should be able to clear error codes, it should also have the capability to turn off the check engine light. Again, this is for when you’ve completed a repair, and need to deactivate the engine warning light before handing the vehicle over. The Maxisys Elite can also deal with other warning lights such as the ABS and tire pressure monitors. 

Advanced features

These are a couple of the impressive features that make this Autel scanner stand out from the competition and if you want close comparisons see

ECU Coding 

ECU coding is a fantastic feature that is usually only seen on the top diagnostic scanner models. ECU coding allows a mechanic or technician to recode elements of a vehicle’s CPU. This could be to tune the vehicle to a customer’s specifications or to program a new component in so that everything works properly. To be able to do all this from a handheld device is pretty impressive.

Live Data

The live data stream included on the Autel Maxisys is one of the best we’ve seen. Live data allows a mechanic to get a grasp of exactly how a vehicle is performing, by showing them real-time data from different vehicle systems. For example, a mechanic could be observing the engine RPM reading, and then press the gas pedal to see how the RPM responds. Live data is a feature that all mechanics look out when buying a new scan tool since it can make repairs so much easier.


The Maxisys Elite has a well-thought-through design that makes it an absolute pleasure to use in the workshop. It has a large touchscreen that is surrounded by hard plastic and rubber for extra protection. You don’t have to worry about this device getting damaged during the working day, it will certainly be able to look after itself. 


The device makes use of an Android operating system. Android are known all of the world for making reliable software for thousands of different types of touchscreen devices, so to have their software at work here is a real plus. The Android OS ensures the scan tool runs smoothly and quickly, and you won’t be getting any frustrating lag during a tricky repair.


This device is an OBD2 scan tool, which means that is compatible with cars and other vehicles that were built in 1996 or later. You can be sure that you’ll be able to make use of the Autel tool, whatever car comes into the workshop next. 

Our Verdict 

Overall, we think that the Autel Maxisys Elite is a fantastic choice for anyone who is looking for a professional quality scan tool. It has impressive functionality, brilliant coverage, and a design that ensures its durability. This is a device that you’ll be able to rely on for years to come. 

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