Interesting Facts About Rolls Royce


When you hear Rolls-Royce’s word, you think of an expensive, luxurious, and elite car in the world. One cannot deny the fact that Rolls-Royce has been manufacturing luxurious cars for more than a century. Starting with a 10hp vehicle, in no time, the brand got a reputation as a luxury car manufacturer. 

Rolls-Royce brand was the innovation in the motor industry. Also, it changed the course of the motor industry in 1906. The products of Rolls-Royce like Phantom, Cullinan, Ghost, Wraith, and Dawn, have been in the use of elite class families for ages. The brand-new models with innovative and luxury features make Rolls-Royce stand out in the motor industry. 

Interesting Facts About Rolls Royce

65% Of All Rolls-Royce Are Still Roadworthy

Rolls-Royce is known for its near-silent operation and high-quality construction cannot fail the testament of Rolls-Royce’s mechanic and craftsmen skills. It is solid proof that Rolls-Royce cars are built and designed for a timeless period. It is because the elite customers of the brand use their cars for decades, even for centuries. Later on, they are passed to the next generations. 

The built and design of the first Rolls-Royce was of the quality that has survived till now. To your surprise, the 1904 Rolls-Royce that is owned by Scottish Thomas Love Jr. is still roadworthy. To this date, it is in perfect shape and it is working properly, even after a century and more. 

One Engine Holds Three Consecutive Records 

Interesting Facts About Rolls Royce

Rolls-Royce was not only into making luxury vehicles but also in designing powerplants for marine and aeronautics. In the early 1930s, the company attempted to create an engine to power the fastest aircraft in the world. As a result, they came up with R Type engine, a 36.7L V12 engine was having 2,530 horsepower. It was the liquid-cooled supercharged engine. 

Now talking about the record, Rolls-Royce was able to beat the aircraft speed record with this engine. The surprising thing about the speed record is that the same engine was used for a car and a boat. Just one engine was able to hold the speed records for air, land, and water. The R Type engine is the world’s first engine to hold 3 different records at the same time. 

Rolls-Royce’s Chauffeur Training Program

A layman would think that how a Rolls-Royce owner can let the normal driver drive the world’s luxurious car. To your surprise, Rolls-Royce cars across the globe are not driven by their owners. Chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce is a common practice that gave a chance to the company to introduce a chauffeur training program for the better experience of wealthier customers. 

This training program is also known as the White Glove training program trains the chauffeurs to learn the etiquettes and driving behavior. It not only teaches them how to drive the Rolls-Royce on the road but also trains them to open and close the door in a way to avoid fingerprints on the car. Also, they are trained about not applying the hard and fast brakes to stop the car suddenly with a jerk. 

The White Glove training program teaches the chauffeurs to assess the characteristics of the road for the best driving experience for the owner. It reflects the nature of the brand that provides luxury cars to wealthier individuals.

Uses Bulls Only For The Leather

Interesting Facts About Rolls Royce

Rolls-Royce has always committed to the highest quality in all of its workmanship. The leather interior of Rolls-Royce is famous for its soft touch or feel. Ever imagined that why the Rolls-Royce interior is best than the other vehicles? Well, they have been using bull hides for the leather interior. 

One more surprising thing about bull hides is that the bulls are raised in a cold European region. The reason behind it is that the mosquitoes cannot survive in too cold regions. Hence, the company minimizes the risk of insect bites or imperfections for the beautifully designed interior of Rolls-Royce vehicles. When it comes to achieving the highest quality vehicles in the world, Rolls-Royce goes beyond limitations for detailed automotive manufacturing.

Still, Modern Vehicles Are Handmade

Over a century, Rolls-Royce has been all over the world, but still many parts of the vehicles are handmade. Despite being a property of BMW, the production of Rolls-Royce vehicles is handmade. This is the reason that it takes two months to build a single car. Talking about customized Rolls-Royce vehicles, it can take as long as six months to build a single car. 

All the interior leatherworking and woodwork is still done by hand. From the Spirit of Ecstasy to the V12 engine, radiator and other mechanical parts are assembled by hand, except for the parts that are not fully fabricated. The professionals working in the Rolls-Royce factories are highly trained. Hence, every vehicle coming out of the factory meets the extremely high standards of luxury cars. 

Rolls-Royce vehicles are expensive than ever imagined because of handcrafting manufacturing. Handmade manufacturing provides attention to detail and human touch that no machine can match. 

Pinstripes Are Hand-Painted By A Single Man

Interesting Facts About Rolls Royce

Any pinstripes that you see on the Rolls-Royce vehicles are hand-painted by a single man. The pinstripes requested by the customer are painted of 3 millimeters thickness with a brush of horsehair. Since 2003, Mark Court has been painting the pinstripes on the Rolls-Royce. This artist is having a six-digit salary because of his steady hand. 

His job is stressful because a special kind of paint is used for pinstripes that bond instantly to the underlying paint. Therefore, there is no room for mistake because if Court makes a mistake, the car has to be fully repainted. Also, not only pinstripes are painted, but also some other designs like flowers, abstracts shapes, animal heads, initials, etc. as requested by the customer. 

Most Expensive Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce Sweptail, a one-off coupe is a handmade vehicle that took five years to complete manufacturing. A billionaire client placed an order for Sweptail in 2013 and he received it in 2018. It is one of the most expensive vehicles of Rolls-Royce worth $13 million. The design inspiration comes from the classic Rolls-Royce sweeping lines of yesteryear’s models. The interior of dark wood material makes it one of the luxurious Rolls-Royce vehicles. 

Two Cooling Modes

Interesting Facts About Rolls Royce

It is advised by the sommeliers that the optimum temperature for serving non-vintage champagne is around 6 degrees Celsius. For vintage champagnes, it is around 11 degrees Celsius. Hence, Rolls-Royce not taking a chance equips its cars with a refrigerator that uses two modes of cooling. The chilling temperatures are 6 degrees Celsius and 11 degrees Celsius. You won’t be getting such service in any other luxury vehicle. 

Flying Doctors

If you own a Rolls-Royce and you live in a country where there is no dealership of the company. Then you don’t have to worry about anything because to service your car, the special-trained technicians will fly to your home country. This small band of expert technicians has been dubbed as Flying Doctors. In reality, they are not doctors wearing stethoscopes around their necks or having wings. 

Rolls Royce – Handmade Manufacturer of Luxurious Cars

To stay on the top of the luxury automotive segment, Rolls-Royce has never compromised on the high-quality built and design of their vehicles. The vehicles by Rolls-Royce have been one of the iconic cars of the 50s and till the date. A leather interior made from bull’s hide and woodcraft gives you a soft and natural feel. The handmade vehicles taking months or years to complete are the secret behind the company’s outstanding luxury vehicles. 

Talking about the luxury services provided by Rolls-Royce defines the nature of the company. They don’t want to compromise on the services to be provided to their wealthier and elite clients. White Glove training program and Flying Doctors is one of the examples.

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