Introduction to One-Make Racing

One-make racing is also known as Spec racing in North America. It is an automobile racing category where all drivers race using identical cars from the same manufacturer, often using the same model. It means that the automobiles in this race have the same chassis, tires, as well as engine.

One-Make Racing

The race was created to put a larger emphasis on driver skill and car setup instead of engineering skill and budget which provides some exciting action. It also gives some racing enthusiasts, who never get the opportunity to drive a race car, a chance to race in a real championship. Its series is popular for beginners and amateurs because joining those series are affordable due to the use of common chassis and engine.

One-Make Racing from Around the World

There are a number of one-make racing series being held all over the world. Here are some of the most popular ones.

  • Porsche Carrera Cup

This race series is sometimes abbreviated as PCC. It is a number of one-make sports car racing series competed with Porsche 911 Carreras such as Porsche Super Cup, Porsche Carrera World Cup, and International Race of Champions USA.

  • Renault Clio Cup

This is one of the oldest one-make racing series as it started in 1996 and is still operating runs in over 14 countries. It also has some of the most competitive racing in the world. This race series became so popular that Renault went ahead and built a Renault Clio Cup model and it ranks among one of the most fun hatch hatches on the road.

  • Australian Mini Challenge

This one-make series uses Mini John Cooper Works Challenge Edition cars. Australian racing series are some of the best in the world. The mini challenge started in 2008. It is like the mini version of the V8 Supercar Series. The Mini John Cooper Works Challenge cars were built in BMW’s race factory in Germany.

  • Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Super Trofeo

This one-make series began in 2009 and billed as the fasted one-make series in the world. Lamborghini launched this series with their LP560-4 Gallardo sporting the same 5.2L V10 engine which is the same as the road going versions but gets an extra 10-hp for a total of 570. This is undoubtedly the coolest one-make series.

  • Lotus Evora Cup

The Lotus Evora was named one of the best cars of 2009. That’s why Lotus planned to launch its one-make series in 2010. The series used an Evora with a larger 4.0-liter V6 engine that puts out 395hp. It also became more exciting to watch when Lotus did their usual and shaved off 440lbs off its already light curb weight.

  • Radical European Masters Cars

This one-make series has two classes which are the main class and the Supersport class. The main class uses Radical Sr8 and Radical RXC Spyders. The Supersport class, on the other hand, are for the Radical Sr3. In 2008 and 2009, the series took place during the Le Mans race weekends. Its championship backs the International GT Open Series in the present time. It is a series that visits many of Europe’s finest circuits such as Silverstone, Spa, and Monza.

  • Commodore Cup

The Commodore Cup is an Australian one-make series that was originally created by Victorian racers named Maurie Platt and David Gittus. All competitors in this race are required to use the Holden Commodore. Though the category has always been a national series, however, it is also mostly an amateur series. But it was able to produce a V8 Supercar race winner in Lee Holdsworth. The most successful racer in this series is Geoff Emery who had won the series five times.

One-Make Formula Categories

There are also formula categories that utilize one-make racing and here are some of them.

  • GP2 Series

This is an open-wheel motor racing that was introduced in 2005. The race was designed to make racing affordable for teams and to make it the perfect training ground for life in Formula One. In this series, it is mandatory for all teams to use the same chassis, engine, and tire supplier for the true driver ability to reflect. These series have been used by many drivers as a stepping to into Formula One.

  • Super Formula

This is the top level of single-seater racing in Japan also known as Formula Nippon. Before, it was an open formula where a variety of chassis builders and engine manufacturers could compete. However, it was bankrupted in 2002 making Formula Nippon follow F3000’s lead in becoming a one-make series in 2003. Cars used in this race are Lola B03/50 chassis powered by Mugen-Honda engines.

  • Formula E

This is a one-make formula series that uses only electric-powered cars. It started in Beijing in 2014 and is sanctioned by the FIA. It is currently contested by 10 teams with 2 drivers each. It takes place on temporary city-center street circuits that are usually 2 to 3.4 kilometers long.

There are indeed a lot of one-make racing series around the globe. It is the type of automobile racing that is perfect for beginners and for those who want to experience car racing even just once in their life.