Is a used Audi R8 a good investment?


It is a known fact that German cars have been winning in the automobile market and winning the hearts of car enthusiasts for a long time now. Germany has been leading the charge with innovative car designs and super performance because car racing is a trendy thing in Germany. Since they also have the Autobahn (a highway with no speed limit), the manufacturers constantly push to make faster and better cars.

Better-performing cars also mean higher prices; German cars are more expensive than American cars. This is mainly because the German cars are better engineered and made with high standards, whereas American cars are made with the price in mind. However, one German luxury car brand has been taking up the spotlight not only because of its high standards but also because of its lower prices compared to other luxury car brands, Audi.

Audi: A Top Class German Car Brand

Audi is one of the best premium luxury brands out there, and with its affordable prices, it is becoming people’s favorite. Audi is known for delivering on all their vehicles; it is known as one of those brands consistently developing innovative technology for their cars; this constant development has offered a complete driving experience and gave the drivers some peace of mind.

Audi has an exemplary track record of producing some of the best cars globally; this accomplished German automaker company has been consistently producing everything from simple and compact luxury cars to full-blown supercars. One such car that we will talk about today is the Audi R8.

Audi R8: The Everyday Supercar

The Audi R8 series is one of the most loved cars produced by German manufacturers; it is said that when the first R8 Le Man’s prototype was released in 2000, car enthusiasts from all over the world begged the company to produce the road version of the car.

The first road version of the Audi R8 was released in 2007, and since then, it has been winning over everyone’s hearts. The stylish coupe is a combination of consumer heritage and racetrack construction. It is considered a mid-engine, high-end sports car widely popular for its sleek and futuristic design. Since the car has such unique features, everyone wants to get their hands on it; however, a significant hurdle for most people is its price.

Buying a Used R8

Although the low prices compared to its competitors, Audi is still an expensive car brand, and its R8 series is incredibly exorbitant. High-priced cars mean buyers going for used cars; used cars have numerous pros and cons. These pros and cons confuse most people, so if you, too, are one of those people, let us help you decide whether a used Audi R8 is a good investment or not.

Why a Used Audi R8 is a Good Investment

The Price

The first and most obvious reason why buying a used Audi R8 would be a good investment is the price. The prices of a standard model R8 in the UK are now confirmed as £119,500 for the base V10 and £137,500 for the V10 plus, whereas the prices of the same models when buying used are less than half.

So instead of buying any other vehicle at the same price, going for an Audi R8 would be an excellent investment. At such a low price, you would get high quality and more precision-tuned engine that would give you more power and a better lifespan. The price tag you would be paying for a Used Audi R8 would get you a high return in terms of performance, features, and luxury.

Lower Deprecation

One thing about cars is that they are depreciating assets; buying a new vehicle means that it would take quite a depreciation hit as soon as you buy it. Depending on the model, the price depreciation would be something around a few hundred pounds to a thousand pounds.

When it comes to a new Audi, the deprecation is even higher because it comes in the category of luxury vehicles. Buying a used Audi R8 would be the most brilliant move because this way, you can avoid the initial drop and enjoy a car that will hold its value for a long time.


Audi is entirely different from most car brands in warranties; even if you buy a used Audi R8, you will get 24/7 roadside assistance and customer support. The best part about buying a used Audi R8 is that it would come with a 12-year corrosion-limited warranty. So, if your vehicle is less than 12 years old, you would be able to take full advantage of that warranty, and the company wouldn’t care if you’re the original owner.

Cheaper Insurances

One fantastic benefit of buying a used Audi R8 is that you would have to pay way less if you get the car insured. Most dealerships require you to have full insurance coverage for new vehicles, whereas if you are buying a used vehicle, the insurance cost would be marginally lower than the one you’re paying for a new one.

Stress-Free Driving

A thing about buying used cars is that you would be stress-free while driving them compared to a new car. The same goes for a Used Audi R8. To better understand this, let’s suppose you buy a new Audi R8, and the next day, you are asked to take the car on a rough road. You would hesitate because you wouldn’t want to take a risk with your new R8, whereas if you bought the exact used car instead, you wouldn’t hesitate much and would drive stress free.

A Trendy and Stylish Car

One of the best reasons to invest in a used Audi R8 would be the comfort and mental peace that it provides. You would look highly stylish behind the wheel of an R8 and would be able to make an impact wherever you go. The best part about investing in a used R8 would be that most people wouldn’t even know if it is brand new or used.

Why a Used Audi R8 is Not a Good Investment

Less Fuel Efficient

A lot of people don’t know about used cars because old cars are less fuel-efficient than new cars. The more the driver drives his new R8, the more fuel it consumes over time.

You Don’t Know About Its History.

Another primary reason it would be a bad idea to buy a used Audi R8 is because you wouldn’t know anything about its history. On the other hand, when you buy a new vehicle, you would know that the car has come directly from the manufacturer to the dealership. This way, you would also be sure that your R8 has never been in an accident and that there are no dents or scratches.

Fewer Choices

Whether you are finding an R8 Audi for sale in the UK or searching for it on the internet, you would see that there wouldn’t be many choices, and you would be subject to buy whatever is available on the market. Whereas when you go to buy a new R8, you would have the option to choose the color, type, and variant.

Final Note

Buying a used Audi R8 can be extremely challenging and confusing; however, it can also be enriching. Most people consider spending on a used Audi R8 a worthwhile investment; however, it mainly depends on your personal preference.

If you want an R8 that would cost you less, hold its value, and help you save money on taxes and insurance, you should go for a used one. Whereas, if you don’t want to take any risk, a used R8 is not the one for you. Although, you can minimize the risk by doing thorough market research and doing a detailed inspection of the car for signs of damage.


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