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Is Buying A Tesla Worth It

Is Buying A Tesla Worth It

To save the planet, people are going green because of rapid global warming in the last few decades. To go green and to save cost on fuel, people are tending to buy Tesla. They consider that Tesla can save fuel costs as compared to the other vehicles. Automaker Tesla has been famous over the years. Now people are thinking to swap their current vehicles with Tesla cars such as Model S. 

If you are planning to buy a Tesla car or swap it with your current car, you should be working on the numbers or benefits for your daily use. Buying a Tesla is worth it if your daily needs are fulfilled by it. 

Is Buying a Tesla Worth It?

Tesla has been providing a better environment than your gas-powered sedan. Now it has become a status symbol because it is a luxury and electric vehicle. Before you decide to buy a Tesla vehicle, make sure that you have considered the various facts and figures to make the right decision. 

Purchase Price 

The company’s most affordable vehicle is the Tesla Model 3 that starts from $37,490. The other models such as Model Y and Model S start from $49,990 and $79,990 respectively. The top-of-the-line Model X starts from $91,190. Considering the purchase price of Tesla models, they seem pretty expensive, especially Model S and Model X. even though they are expensive, but they save a lot of money on fuel expenses. 

If you are having an equivalent budget for a new vehicle, you might be considering buying a gas-powered vehicle, hybrid, or just an electric vehicle. Also, you can get your new car financed through different sources. If you want to get it financed, you have to pay a minimal down payment and pay monthly installments. 

For example, if you get Model S financed for 6 years, you will be paying approximately $1,000 per month for your Tesla vehicle. If we compare, it is an estimated state tax for Colorado without city or local tax. 

Fuel Savings 

The most valuable factor and advantage of electric vehicles are that they save your fuel cost. For example, if you are driving a Toyota Camry, you will be spending a lot on your fuel per year. If your Toyota Camry gives you 32 MPG on average, then you will be saving a lot after buying a Tesla model. 

If you drive your Toyota Camry, 15,000 miles per year, then your fuel cost per year will be $1,350. It is when the gas price is around $2.88 per gallon on average. In this case, if your vehicle is less fuel-efficient, then you will be spending more than the stated figure. 

Tesla Model S costs an electric charge of around $0.037 per mile. It is the cost that you will be paying when you install a charging station in your home. If you are driving the same miles per year, your charging cost will be around $555 per year. Hence, you save a lot on fuel spending.

No More Stopping for Gas 

You will be saving a lot on fuel expenses when you switch to Tesla electric vehicle. Now talking about the advantage of having a Tesla model is that you will be worry-free by plugging in your car for charging. In the morning, you will know that your car is ready to go. Also, you will not be worrying about stopping for gas. 

All you have to do is plug in your car at the night and unplug it in the morning. The battery will be full and you don’t have to stop at gasoline-smelling and cold gas stations. 

Maintenance Savings 

When it comes to maintenance, Tesla vehicles are different than regular gas-powered vehicles. If you are having a gas-powered vehicle, you have to get the oil and fuel filters changed after a certain mileage. In Tesla, your maintenance would be like more than a software update of the smartphone, tablet, or any other gadget. 

If we compare the maintenance cost of the Toyota Camry with Tesla Model S, then the annual maintenance cost of the Toyota Camry is approximately $996, whereas, the annual maintenance cost of Model S is approximately $298. Tesla is not fully immune to car problems because, after certain miles, you have to change the battery pack. 

If you are thinking of short-term savings, then you don’t have to worry about it because Tesla covers the first eight years of battery warranty or 150,000 miles. The rule of battery warranty is whichever comes first. If you are not willing to spend money on changing the battery, then you can use it to run your car 300,000 to 500,000 miles but with less ranger per charge. 

Other Benefits of Buying a Tesla 

Tesla has been making the best all-electric cars in the automobile industry. People tend to buy Tesla rather than other electric vehicles. It is because it comes with a lot of advantages that attract car enthusiasts.

  • The design of Tesla’s electric vehicles is elegant and venerable. Also, Tesla models have been the best-looking electric vehicles in the automobile industry. 
  • If we all switch to electric vehicles, we will be able to see a post-fossil-fuel future. The smoggy cities can have improved air quality. 
  • Talking about the performance of Tesla, then this electric vehicle can outrun sports cars such as Lamborghini and Ferrari. If there is a sprint from 0 to 60 mph, Tesla is going to be on the top. Even though, the slowest Tesla model will be able to outrun the gas-electric hybrids. 
  • There are routine upgrades in the software of the vehicle. The Tesla owner can upgrade it from their smartphone and have an improved car when they wake up in the morning. If you are not a technophobe, then you are going to love your Tesla vehicle. 
  • If you are going on a long trip, then you don’t have to worry about charging your car. It is because there is a supercharger network everywhere. With a little amount of cost, you can complete your long road trips. 
  • If you want to relax for a while, switch it to autopilot mode. It can operate on all types of roads. It will accelerate, reduce speed, or switch lanes but the autopilot feature is still a work in process. 

Tesla Electric Vehicle – Is It Worth Your Finance and Needs

When it comes to buying a Tesla model, you must consider your finances. If you are having enough budget to buy it in cash, then you can do so but you have to wait around 8 to 12 months for your brand-new Tesla model. If you want to finance it through different sources, then you have to look for the lease tenure and monthly leases. 

Also, you have to consider the set-up cost of a charging station in your home. You don’t want to take your car to commercial charging stations after every completed range. You can simply have a charging station in your garage. Most people, don’t prefer Tesla because it is not an affordable vehicle due to the luxurious price tag, or maybe they are technophobes, but it has got other advantages that you might not find in a gas-powered or gas-electric hybrid vehicle. 

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