Is There a Superior Window Tinting Manufacturer?


Window tinting has been around for quite a long time, though it used to be something that was only associated with limos for the rich and famous or secure cars offering privacy for a variety of politicians and celebrities. Over the past few decades, window tinting has really taken off in terms of a practical, affordable aftermarket upgrade that anyone can make for their vehicle. The reason it has proliferated so much throughout the mainstream is due to the success of one company who has led the charge in all things related to window tint innovation: 3M.

3M stands for the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing company, and they have been in business since 1902. For many decades they dealt in a range of plastics and other sorts of polymer materials, which really led them to being able to provide the best window tinting available. Today, professional installers like Pro Window Tinting proudly use 3M, because it’s about as good as you can get. There are plenty of other companies out there who try their hand at creating products like window tint, but they just fall short compared to what 3M can offer.

The Cream of the Crop: 3M

Realistically speaking, you’re going to find dozens of different companies that manufacture window tint and other similar supplies. Though because we’re dealing in plastic polymer materials, let’s use trash bags as a good parallel here. You have your top-shelf brands, with thicker, more flexible bags that not only hold up well to big loads of trash but also smell better. Then you have competitor brands that aren’t quite as good though still aren’t worthless. Then, however, you have those cheap, flimsy bags that rip and tear and aren’t worth the little money they charge. The same thing goes for window tinting options. You have your top-shelf brand (3M), and then you have everyone else. Some within that “everyone else” category are decent, but none compare to 3M.

What Makes 3M Tint So Superior?

Tried and True Quality

The thing about 3M and being able to claim they have the best window tinting is that this claim has a long history. Way back in the Vietnam war, government was looking for a company to produce a product to protect helicopter blades in literal war zones. This is when 3M stepped up with a material very similar to the material they use for window tinting. It was super thin, very flexible, incredibly light, while also being durable enough to reflect debris and to protect blades. This is the quality of the material that’s going on your automobile windows, so you know it’s tough and durable.

The Best Team

Another thing about 3M that just makes them better than the competition is that they’re a huge multinational corporation now, earning billions in revenue, so they’re able to attract the smartest and most innovative people on the planet to work for them. Think about an all-star team in professional hockey vs. a team of ragtag street players. Who’s going to win? 3M are the all-stars here.

The Ability to Last

You just cannot beat the durability of 3M either. Think about material that’s strong enough to protect a helicopter blade in a war zone from all the flying debris and shrapnel. Then think about the relatively calm environment of your window tinting, that’s typically applied inside of your car, so that it doesn’t even have to deal with pebbles hitting it. You’re looking at a material in 3M that will last you a lifetime. Nothing’s going to hurt this tint, outside of some total window failure.

Constantly Innovating

Lastly, 3M is a company that’s constantly improving upon their designs. They don’t rest on their laurels at all. They’re always trying to make their material thinner and lighter while also increasing its strength. As it relates to window tinting, what you end up with is a product that’s so thin and looks so natural that it appears as if your glass was made with the tint in it, not that there was some film placed over it. You only get this with true quality.

If you’re going to hire the professionals to do a tint job for you and spend that money, then it’s always best to spend on a company using 3M as their go-to tint product.

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