It’s Easy to Grow Succulents from Seeds, Here’s How

Succulents are natural plants to grow, but they must be plants properly. Want to learn how to plant succulents? Check out everything in this post. These are trendy plants all over the world, and Brazilians are simply passionate about them. They have several species, such as Agavaceae, Aizoaceae, and Cactaceae.

Native to seasonally arid climates, such as mountains or deserts, they develop very fleshy stems and leaves with a high capacity to store water. Many people have preferred to have succulents at home for their versatility, as they can be planted in any container and look good both indoors and out. So, it’s easy to grow succulents from seeds, here how to seed them. 

How to choose seed envelopes

To be successful in the enterprise, we need to look at the product packaging. Check the expiration date. If the expiration date is already expiring, we should not buy, because the germination capacity will be deficient, most of the seeds may not sprout.

Follow the planting characteristics of each plant

The packaging also includes planting depth, which must be followed so that the embryo contained in the seed can leave the soil. In practice, it means 1.5 times the smallest seed diameter. The plants have time for germination, growth, and production if you want to cultivate for a long time, sow again with intervals of 8 to 10 days.

Cover the seedbed with plastic and keep it out of the sun. Daily water with a fine jet so as not to dislodge the seeds, also check the packaging that some species do not recommend transplantation. In this case, the seeds should be planted in the final place of seedling growth.

Staking of seedlings with tutors

Some plants, such as peppers, and pepper, for example, need tutors to stay upright. Bamboos are high for this, durable and easy to find. Tie with cotton cord, making an eight to avoid strangling the stem. Plants such as tomatoes, peas, beans, need trellises to entangle themselves, which can also be done with bamboo or old battens. If you make their bed next to a fence, you can use the screen as support.

How to Make Succulent Seedlings

Making succulent seedlings is very easy. Any leaflet of them already takes. Follow the steps:

  • Choose healthy, well-growing leaves;
  • Assemble the pot with a drainage system and place fertilized soil;
  • Place the leaf on the ground; do not bury it so that it does not rot.
  • Do not get wet the first week;
  • Leave in a lighted place where there is no direct sunlight or rainwater;
  • In the following weeks, water 1-2 times a week. Water with droplets so that the water does not touch the leaf;
  • Have enough patience. It takes time to sprout;

Using succulent Pots for seeds

Clay pots are the best, but try to water a little more in sweltering and dry seasons, as clay usually sucks up water. The ceramic ones that already come waterproofed are also great options because they come already decorated.

If you want plants with faster growth, the idea is to plant them in pots of coconut fibers. The glass vases are not useful; I notice that over time the succulents are languishing. Plastic vases, on the other hand, do not harm them; they only lose in terms of beauty.