It’s Silverstone Grand Prix time again in 2021!


Mention the word Silverstone in the streets of the UK and you will have caught the attention of everyone in the vicinity. The name Silverstone is a melody to the ears of every British.

Formula one races have become long-awaited by almost everyone across the world, but the race is never the same when it’s held at the Silverstone UK F1 Grand Prix.

Not only has this track become a culture of the English people, but it has also become a place where they draw their pride as a nation. Drivers like Lewis Hamilton and Jackie Stewart have made sure to make the place even more special with the Championship wins in their land.

The Silverstone circuit in England has a rich history of the F1 Grand Prix as well. So what makes this place special to the English people?

History of the F1 Grand Prix on the Silverstone Circuit in England

Britain being the home of motorsports, the Silverstone Circuit in England was privileged to host the first-ever F1 Grand Prix championship, which was held in May, the year 1950. Organized by the Royal Automobile Club, the race became famous by attracting a massive crowd of more than 100 000.

Since then, the Silverstone circuit has hosted over 50 F1 championship races to date. In 2020, the same track was the first to host the first world F1 championship without spectators. Though in disappointment, the fans couldn’t help but cheer at home.

However, you might be asking if there will be visitors at Silverstone this year? Well, get your tickets ready already because the answer is a big Yes!

Visitors at the Silverstone F1 Grand Prix

Scheduled for 16-18 July this year, the Silverstone is expected to pack with fans to its brim. Having to push forward the 2020 tickets to this year, and selling more tickets, rumors have it that the Silverstone will be overflowing.

If you’re after the best seats on the track and have the budget to splurge on tickets for an unforgettable experience the number one option is without a doubt the F1 Paddock Club Silverstone. These tickets don’t come cheap but will come with gourmet food and an open champagne bar throughout the racing weekend. Additionally you will view the race from directly above the pit lane and even much more extras that bring you closer to the action than any other visitor to the race at the Silverstone circuit.

But how safe will the Silverstone be with the coronavirus still posing its threat?

To address the issue, Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister, has come up with a plan to ensure people’s safety, post lockdown in sporting events.

Boris Johnson safety plans

Speaking in a press conference, Boris gave out well-oriented plans to make sure that life returns to normalcy but safely. Below are some of his plans for the opening of sporting events.

  • Only those who are vaccinated and have negative results will be allowed in sporting Arenas.
  • Issuing of covid certificates. This will act as proof that the vaccination was received.
  • Those coming to the UK will be required to have performed a departure and a post-arrival test.
  • Free covid testing stations will be posted all across the country and in sporting Arenas.
  • Wearing masks will still be necessary for visitors in the arenas.

If properly adhered to, the Prime Ministers’ plan will be effective. Not only will it allow people to move freely, but it will also allow spectators to physically avail themselves at the Silverstone grand Prix to cheer for their favorite F1 driver at the Championship.

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