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Level-2 electric car chargers: is it worth buying such equipment

Electric cars are becoming more and more popular, but the charging process can be confusing. There are now a few different brands of chargers available. JuiceBox chargers are a fan-favorite among customers. Let’s take a look at the differences between the chargers and which one might be best for you.

Initially, the electric car package includes a Level-1 charger, adapted for connection to a standard socket. Although, according to experts, this option is enough for everyday use, many motorists decide to buy an additional energy conductor for the car. Usually this is due to the desire to buy a Level-2 charger, because it works much faster than the previous version.

If you decide to buy a charger of a new generation, keep in mind: its maintenance will cost much more. So before you make a purchase assess all the advantages of such a device. This will allow you to avoid any problems in the future.

3 Reasons to Buy a Level-2 Battery Charger

The owners of the newest generation charging stations cite several features of the technology as being among the most appealing aspects. Ease of use and rapid recharging of the automobile’s electric power are two important advantages mentioned by them. These are subjective parameters that are primarily determined by the motorist’s driving style and lifestyle in general. There are, however, three indisputable benefits that make JuiceBox versions popular.

1.  Increased power reserve in one hour of charging

After an hour of charging with Level-2, you will be able to drive more than 20 miles in an electric car, with Level-1 the same figure is about 3 miles.

2. Reduced charging time

It is important to remember that this figure depends on the electric car model and the type of battery installed. However, the average time to fully charge a car with Level-2 is a few hours (for comparison, with Level-2 the same process takes at least 25 hours).

3. High functionality

The new generation battery chargers have many useful features: monitoring the level of charging, graphing and determining the approximate time and cost to fully charge the battery. Level-2 devices can be connected to the home Internet, and then you can control them with your personal smartphone.

If you live in your own home, installing a Level-2 JuiceBox charging station or organizing a high-power outlet system can increase the value of your property. The availability of such infrastructure can be attractive for the buyers in case of the subsequent resale of the dwelling.

Features of using the Level-2 charger for electric cars

Be prepared to find an outlet with more power. Only then will the JuiceBox 240-volt be able to get the right amount of power and charge your electric car faster. Such outlets are installed separately, so it is worth consulting an electrician beforehand.

Make sure that creating a new connection is possible. This issue is especially relevant for those who rent a house or live in an apartment in a high-rise building. In this case, the creation of a new connection may require permission from the property owner or management company. You should also consider that a limited amount of electricity is usually allowed in the garage.

Evaluate the capacity of the existing power grid. It is important that the grid has enough backup capacity to ensure that the charger will run smoothly and fully.

How much will it cost to maintain a Level-2 charging station

The total price the car charger Level-2 will cost depends on two factors: the cost of the device itself and the amount of money needed for the equipment installation. It is important to remember: the new generation chargers can be installed only by qualified electricians. Only in this case there will be no problems with the use of the station.

Level-2 devices can be classified into two categories: hardwired and plug-in. While both types offer certain benefits, we recommend that you go with a hardwired device if at all possible. Because they’re more secure and tend to be of a higher quality than their plug-in counterparts. If you’re still undecided about which socket of Level-2 gadget is best for you, read expert evaluations (D. Yoney or M. Becker) before making your ultimate selection.

In terms of connection, the second type of Level-2 battery charger is much more expensive. After all, creating a dedicated power grid or installing a special socket will require an amount in the range of $1,100 — $1,800. The final cost will be influenced by the price of an electrician and the general condition of the wiring (in particular, the need to upgrade it).

Conclusion: does it make sense to buy the Level-2 charger

The electric car charging station Level-2 has a lot of advantages, but its installation and use implies a certain expense. That is why you should evaluate the necessity of buying this particular model, based on a long-term perspective of use. After all, only convenience and high speed of charging are not enough reasons for purchasing expensive equipment.

To estimate at least the approximate cost of installing an electric car charger, call a professional electrician and ask for a consultation on this issue. To choose a specific model, read specialized equipment reviews, for example, on the website evadept.com. That way you can find an option that will be exactly what you need.

It is sometimes enough for an electric vehicle owner to purchase a low-cost battery charger, which is trustworthy and comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. When you want additional features (for example, charging history display, voice control, or a preliminary estimate of the cost of petrol required by the car), JuiceBox premium equipment is worth the investment.