Meet the Japanese Fashion Trends Taking over Tokyo


Every fashionista has a soft spot for creative Japanese fashion. Discover the latest Japanese fashion trends dominating Tokyo and how to see them for yourself!

When it comes to fashion, which country would you say is the most unusual?

Of course, that’s subjective to some degree.

But if you follow Japanese fashion trends, then it’s likely that Japan makes it on your list of top five for most unusual.

In fact, some of them can be downright entertaining. While others are quite subdued.

We’ll take a look at six VERY different trends.

1. Decora-Chan Fashion

Decora-chan is playful and childlike.

Dressing decora-chan means wearing a plain t-shirt accented by hoodies, tutu-like skirts, and layers of other clothing items in multiple bright colors and textures. The legs are covered in warmers, stockings, or knee-high socks.

There are even warmers for the arms.

Another aspect of Decora-chan clothing is prints of cartoon characters or icons from the 1980s including Hello Kitty, Strawberry Shortcake, the Care Bears, and the Smurfs.

2. Going Neutral 

In stark contrast to Decora-chan is a fashion trend proving that the Japanese will not be boxed into one style.

During Spring/Summer fashion week in 2019, outfits consisting of entirely neutral tones hit the streets of Tokyo.

Perhaps in response to the wilder and more outlandish trends, high fashion models were sporting classy and understated ensembles in whites, beiges, and greys.

3. Dolly Kei 

Inspired by antique and vintage fashion, Dolly Kei fashion came on the scene in 2010 is all about long layers of light fabric in muted colors like black, grey, and white.

While this sounds similar to the neutral tones we mentioned above, Dolly Kei is usually accessorized with lace and tassels. Doll pieces are also included on the accessories list.

Dolly Kei is considered one of the easiest styles to establish because many of the clothes come from thrift stores.

4. Defying Gender

When it comes to androgynous clothing styles, Japan is one of the most progressive countries. They have been producing unisex mega brands for a long time.

As such, it’s not unusual to see women in boxy suits that defy their curves, or men who are comfortable in clothes with some flow that define their silhouettes.

5. Oversized Layers

As with all of the other Japanese fashion trends, the oversized trend isn’t ideal for everyone.

But in many cases, oversized layers are a matter of practicality.

Winters are cold and snowy, so the Japanese don’t think twice about wearing skirts over jeans or stockings over socks. And in order to do this, the outer layers need to be oversized.

It makes perfect sense.

6. Gyaru

Gyaru fashion is less about clothes and more about hair, nails, and makeup.

Straying from traditional dark brown or black hair, a Gyaru fashionista will likely have heavily bleached or dyed hair. Nails are highly decorated and makeup consists of dark eyeliner, heavily contoured cheeks, and fake eyelashes.

This fashion trend, like many others in Japan, is highly theatrical. And they’re a big part of what makes traveling to Japan so worth it. Plus, you can go to websites like to book your hotel and pay no booking fee.

That way, you can save your yen for making your own fashion statement.

There Are So Many Japanese Fashion Trends

The above list of Japanese fashion trends is far from exhaustive. But it gives you a good sense of just how creative and varied Japanese fashion is.

Now hop on a plane and go see for yourself! And while you’re there, keep checking with our blog to keep up with the fashionistas all over the world.

You might even plan your next destination around it!


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