Memorable TV Cars

Memorable TV Cars

These are the cars that raced their way to the consciousness of the television viewers through the years. How many of them do you still remember?

You also couldn’t help wondering whether these cars have now gone under the hammer, are now in the hands of private collectors or worse, have been sent to the junk yards (which is mostly highly improbable).

KITT (The Knight Rider)1. KITT (The Knight Rider)

You surely won’t recall The Knight Rider without remembering David Hasselhoff’s talking, crime-busting iconic automobile named KITT (aside from Hasselhoff himself, of course). It had mean features such as a high-tech dashboard with a comprehensive set of controls, a seat ejector and missiles. It could glide and even heal itself! No other vehicle in the small screen has been this cool before or since.

The original KITT (which is the acronym for Knight Industries Two Thousand) was actually a modified third-generation Pontiac Trans-Am. There have been several reports regarding claims from people that they owned the used original KITT’s. Some of the owners have put the KITT’s up for auction for a pretty low starting bid price, which has left both Knight Rider fans and car aficionados questioning their authenticity.

Ferrari 308 GTS (Magnum P.I.)2. Ferrari 308 GTS (Magnum P.I.)

Thomas Magnum’s fiery-red Ferrari 308 GTS used to scorch the palm-fringed Hawaiian roads as he went about on his private investigating assignments. Actor Tom Selleck, who played the titular character, drove this car in all of the series’ eight seasons. As of this writing, this iconic TV vehicle’s price is expected to hoist up to $250,000 at Bonham’s, one of the oldest and most established auction houses in the world.

3.-4. Ferrari Daytona Spider and Ferrari Testarossa (Miami Vice)

For those who watched Miami Vice during its original run in the 80s, they most likely remember the numerous automobiles used in the series. A lot of them were stylish luxury gas guzzlers like Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz and Lamborghini, some of which were even used for death-defying stunts. However, the most notable Miami Vice cars were certainly the Ferrari Daytona Spider and the Ferrari Testarossa.

But did you know that the series started off by settling for a fake Ferrari Testarossa? Of course, that didn’t sit well with Enzo Ferrari himself, who naturally considered filing legal action against the show’s producers. Not wanting to get embroiled into such legal mess, the producers decided to accept Ferrari’s offer of the real deal, on the condition that the imitation be destroyed.

By the show’s  third season, the fake Ferrari Testarossa had been rubbed off for good, and the genuine Ferrari Testarossa was finally unveiled on the screen.

General Lee (The Dukes of Hazzard)5. General Lee (The Dukes of Hazzard)

While you cannot see or own a “General Lee” in real life, this iconic orange vehicle was based on an actual car, a 1969 Dodge Charger. General Lee surely had been through a lot of frenetic action scenes and stunts more than any other TV cars had. Not only did it engage in several pulsating cop chases, it could even glide high over creeks and ditches. And who would ever forget “Dixie,” the ditty which blared out of General Lee’s horn?