Merits and drawbacks of electric vehicles


Electric vehicles are becoming more prevalent on the highways of many European and American cities. They are regarded as the most environmentally friendly and economically feasible type of vehicle available. In this article, we will give our opinion about the issue of getting an electric car in 2022 and a bit about history.

In terms of their structural construction, electric vehicles are highly comparable to gasoline and diesel ones. The most significant difference is that they are supported by wheels attached to the body via a suspension system connected to the electric motor. Instead of a fuel tank, the battery serves as the power source. Other things are pretty similar, with control being done by the use of two pedals and a steering wheel and so on. Electric motors are better than internal combustion engines. They are less complicated, take less maintenance, and have fewer moving components.

Let us continue with history. The first electric car traveled only about one hundred meters and was built almost one hundred fifty years ago. Then it was possible to see some electric cars on the European roadways around the middle of the nineteenth century. Their speed, acceleration dynamics, and load capacity were superior to that of their gasoline and steam equivalents, but the overall scientific progress couldn’t afford to build electric cars on par with fuel ones as the time-consuming procedure of charging the batteries was a big hassle. At that time, vehicles powered by gasoline were more fuel-efficient and robust than electric ones.

People started talking more about electric cars in the 1970s when gasoline prices skyrocketed, and the issue of pollution became more pressing and apparent. The electric cars were first produced in modest quantities, and they were considered interesting oddities only for rich people. Nowadays, the first series of large-scale electric vehicles are released around the world. Tesla Motors, Elon Musk’s company, has proved the advantages of using the electric car with their reliability and environmental friendliness. This makes people want to sell away or give it away to charities like WBUR Car Donation to buy a new electric Tesla car. Many manufacturers, including Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, and Toyota, have begun developing electric vehicles in order to compete with Tesla Motors. And over time, due to mass production, their prices are reducing almost ten percent every year. For the first time, a green mode of transportation is easily available in significant quantities and is more financially feasible compared to gasoline.

There are many advantages to driving an electric vehicle. The first thing is the energy consumption is considerably lower than a typical internal combustion engine. The service expenses for the chassis, electronics, and interior trim are about the same as for gasoline cars. In the metropolitan setting, the absence of emissions helps make the air cleaner. While running at low rpm, electric vehicles can generate maximum torque and accelerate quickly at traffic lights. Most importantly, cars that run on electricity are less prone to flip over and can be easily controlled while performing unexpected driving maneuvers.

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