Most Common Types of Car Damage? What to Do About Them


Are you trying to make sure you keep your car safe and are wondering about the most common types of car damage? Read more to learn what to do in case of damage.

If you think you can avoid car damage, think again.

No matter how well you think you drive, you’re still likely to experience a car accident a couple times in your life, at least. When you consider that everyone else on the road is at least as likely to be in an accident themselves and account for reckless driving and unlikely incidents, it’s apparent that getting in a car wreck is more likely than you think.

But accident damage is only one of many types of auto damage. If you want to be prepared for car damage, you need to know what you’re up against. Take a look at these most common types of car damage.

Car Damage From Natural Causes

As difficult as it is to avoid car accidents over the course of a lifetime, the damage that’s even harder to avoid is from natural causes. Even those lucky enough to have a garage or other parking shelter expose their cars to the elements every time they drive them, and nobody can predict what might occur. Here are some common types of natural car damage.

Ice and Hail Damage

Ice can damage your car all year round, no matter where you live. Hailstorms are a constant risk to your car and are extremely difficult to predict.

Most hail is small, but even small hail can dent cars, and large golf ball- and baseball-sized hail do serious damage. Seek hail damage repair if you have a run-in with this unfortunate weather.

Salt Leads to Rust

Everybody loves a trip to the beach, but it’s a good idea to go through the car wash on the way back. Even if your vehicle doesn’t look dirty, salt spray from the ocean sticks to your car and leads to rust.

The salt they put on the roads in snowy weather has the same effect. Rust isn’t damage that typical car insurance will cover, so you need to be proactive.

Falling and Fallen Branches

Falling branches are a big risk in areas with high winds and lots of storms. No matter where you are, though, avoid parking your car too close to trees.

Common damage from falling branches includes broken windshields and dented roofs.  Fallen branches also pose a risk, as driving over one can puncture tires, or cause underbody issues. If you have comprehensive insurance, filing a claim for damage like this is a great idea.

Common Minor Damage

Minor accident damage is common and includes dents, dings, and scratches. You might get minor damage just from sitting in the parking lot, if somebody swipes, bumps, or runs a shopping cart into your vehicle.

Depending on the damage, its cause, and your insurance policy, you may or may not be able to get insurance compensation.

Major Accident Damage

Common major car accident damage includes broken axles and twisted frames. If your car has major damage, the airbags are almost sure to have deployed.

You’re unlikely to experience this kind of car damage, but if you do, it’s important to seek medical care if you were in the car. As soon as you’re able, you should put in a claim with your car insurance.

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Now that you’ve read about these common kinds of car damage, you know what to expect over your lifetime as a driver and how to handle these unfortunate situations.

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