Most Dangerous Roads in and Around Buffalo, NY


Accidents are not the only reason certain roads are dangerous, but they are the number one event that leaves a bad reputation for specific streets, highways, and freeways. Taconic State Parkway is the number one most dangerous road in New York. Niagara Falls Boulevard is a three-mile stretch of road that connects Tonawanda and Amherst and is one of the deadliest roads in Buffalo, NY. The state could not count so many accidents due to this road’s most hazardous conditions. Buffalo, NY, has many sites to see, but sightseeing is not the best thing on these roads. Drivers and passengers may see more than what they bargain for, especially at night. But what makes the road so dangerous? These were the factors found when an audit was called for the road:

  • Poor lighting.
  • No middle medians.
  • Confusing signs.
  • Faded Crosswalks.
  • Speeders.
  • Poor bus stop locations.

Taconic State Parkway

Labeled as the number one deadliest road in New York, Taconic State Parkway is a two-lane road with the most traffic. With the overcrowded and the twisting and turning road, it is a road that has no room for error. Unfortunately, there is plenty of error, and it takes an experienced lawyer skilled in car accident lawsuits to resolve the hazardous issues. The more people that travel a road, the higher the chances are of getting in an accident. Add that with some careless people behind the wheel, then the vehicle becomes a killing machine.

Too many people have been killed or injured on this road, and it continues to be an issue. This is a road to be avoided if possible. The more people who travel down this road, the worse the situation is because it is not meant for this amount of daily traffic.

Niagara Falls Boulevard

This is a road that continues to be the center of attention in the legislature, and like many roads, the call for spending to make the road safer falls on deaf ears. This is a form of negligence, and lawmakers and lawyers go after the Department of Transportation to fix the hazards. Many times the roads that run through the cities become the cities’ responsibilities. The cities that are involved mainly are Buffalo, Tonawanda, and Amherst.

The cities are doing all they can, but it is up to the DOT to get the job done. This is the most extraordinary form of negligence that has killed and injured so many people. If these situations were fixed, the percentage rate would drop dramatically. In some cases, it has drawn national attention because many of the roads in America have the same problem, and no one wants to fix them. Lawyers continue to take case after case and win due to proof that is out there on the road. The audit was done and showed all that was needed to be done. This is what the lawyers go on in court to win their clients’ cases. Pedestrians, children at bus stops, drivers, and passengers have all been killed or severely injured, and all cases find their way to litigation.

What Do the Attorney’s Do About These Cases?

The attorneys handle these accidents the same way they handle all of the accident cases. They take the police reports, investigative reports from their team of investigators, witnesses statements, pictures, and the victim’s statements to relive the accident scene. Those who pass away in the accidents, the family members take up the legacy to fight for justice. If the victim lives, they will find justice themselves as long as the audit reports stand up in the courts. They will not fail anytime soon.

The attorney will sit down with the victim and or family members. They will listen to their side of the story and put it together with all of the evidence they have collected. The attorneys will get to the bottom of what happened, and if there is a case, they will take it. Most consultations are free. Every case will have the amount in search for factored in according to the medical expenses, funeral expenses if the victim dies, punitive damages, damages to personal property and vehicles, and other damages and costs. The next thing they will do is go after whoever is at fault.

Proving Negligence and Who Is in the Wrong

The attorney’s first look would be the driver of the other vehicle if there was another vehicle involved on these most dangerous roads. They will find the negligence in the case if there was any, and they will expose all in court. When it comes to the causes, these are some of the things the attorney will look into:

  • Carelessness of the other driver such as texting, DUI, speeding, and reckless driving.
  • If any construction sites caused the wreck.
  • Road conditions such as the hazards mentioned in the audits.

By proving the negligence, the attorney will also prove who is at fault. In many of these situations on these most dangerous roads in and around Buffalo, NY, it is no one’s fault but the DOT.

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