Most Popular Car Colors & the Psychology of it

Thinking about buying a car? You may want to stop and think a little more about the color of car you want. The color you choose can provide insight possibly into your personality. Some of the most popular car colors today are black, gray, and dark blue. Black is often considered as a power color, while gray is seen as practical and dark blue is associated with confidence.

Stated by 12 Volt Solutions, since Americans spend so much time in their cars, the colors they choose can either subconsciously or overtly be a means of self-expression. Whether you mean for it to or not, the car color you choose may tell others something about you. The information below is an overview of what the most popular car colors may tell others about your personality.


Black is one of the most popular car colors today, especially in the market of luxury cars. A shiny black car gives off an air of luxury and appreciation for the finer things in life. This can be particularly true of your car is a newer model. Black is the color of power and sophistication, and always makes quite a statement.

Black is often associated with words like elegant, classic, and powerful. Black is typically viewed as the ultimate power color. It symbolizes someone who is no easily manipulated, appreciates a classic look, and loves elegance and the more sophisticated things in life. If you want to own a classic car, you may want to read this guide to the most famous cars of the 50s. Choose black next time you purchase a car if want to exude these traits about yourself.


Recently, silver has become a very popular choice among colors for cars. This may be partly because this color looks very sleek on a car, but still not too overstated. It could also even reflect the advances of technology in our society. Many of today’s high-tech devices are silver in color. Owning a silver vehicle could indicate an appreciation of this technology, and how our society has evolved. More likely, a car that is silver can represent that the driver is responsible and practical, but also appreciates and enjoys the somewhat flashy and innovative things in life. People who drive silver cars often appreciate a sleek, elegant look, but desire a splash of flash to seem prestigious.


These days white cars have become a bit less common, however, this color expresses a desire to set oneself apart from others as well as indicates elegance. White cars can give off a feeling of opulence in more luxury, newer models of cars. In any model of color, white brings with it a contemporary feel that reflects style, taste, and a desire to stand out. White can be indicative of someone who likes things to be clean, clear, and direct. People who drives white cars are thought to keep things they own very clean.


While more neutral colors have been extremely popular recently like black, gray, and silver, red is still very much a favorite car among a large group of drivers. Driving a red car gives the air that the driver wants to draw attention to themself. After all, it’s pretty difficult not to notice a bright red vehicle, no matter what kind of car it is. Red can also represent confidence, power, ambition, energy, and a desire to be noticed.

If you have an outgoing or dynamic personality, think about going with a red car the next time you’re in the market for buying a car. Brighter red cars tend to represent someone who is bolder, while darker reds like maroon represent people who are more subtle with their outgoing personality and desire to stand out. Drivers of darker reds tend to want to be seen the same way as those who drive brighter red colored car, but are less obvious about it.


A variation of silver, gray often represents personality traits of drivers such as not wanting to seem too flashy or not wanting to really stand apart from others. While a silver car reflects technological advancement, and those who appreciate modern conveniences and innovation, gray is more indicative of someone who is low-key. Drivers of gray colored cars are typically seen as those who appreciate functionality over appearance, people who typically think about things more practically. Gray is a color that indicative of someone who is more straightforward and pragmatic, the kind of person who talks things out or makes lists.


Blue is often seen as a more upbeat and positive, but still practical color. Blue cars often indicate that drivers of cars this color possess these qualities in their personality. Bright blue to medium bright blue cars reflect that drivers may be reliable and down-to-earth. People who drive around in cars that are more of a slate blue in color give an air of professionalism and more formality. On the other hand, cars that feature lighter hues of blue often indicate that their drivers may desire more to be in the background of things, and more low-key.


Another one of the most popular car colors, beige is seen as more of a no-nonsense color. Beige is seen as a natural, more down-to-earth color, and drivers of cars this color may choose this color to express this same down-to-earth quality in themselves. People who choose to associate themselves with the color beige in the car they drive are often perceived as people with a great amount of common sense. These drivers are seen as being down-to-earth, and tend to be a no-nonsense person. Beige also often indicates that individuals who drive beige cars are more grounded, respect the environment, and appreciate nature.

Your car is something that you use almost every single day. The color of the car you choose can give others an insight into your personality, either subconsciously or overtly. Next time you’re shopping for a car, you may one to think twice about what the color you’re considering may say about you. You may want to choose a car color that is more representative of your personality.