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The Covid 19 exemption period delayed what for many car owners was a date with fate, when they’d be faced with a very big decision. Owners of older cars and others which now fall foul of stricter new government guidelines may already have been wondering how or if their beloved vehicle would get through its next MOT test. Now the exemption period is over, that decision is again back on the table. Luckily, there is a viable option available for MOT failures which may make this very tough dilemma easier to get through.

Increases in MOT failures

Drivers of older vehicles in particular are feeling the strain of keeping up with ever stricter roadworthiness, safety and emissions regulations, as reflected in the annual MOT test. There is a reason for this, of course; the UK government is becoming more committed to a net zero carbon emissions figure by 2050, and motor vehicles are seen as a very large part in achieving that target. Also, health concerns around pollution are being taken increasingly seriously by all political parties.

Diesel owners have been under scrutiny for the longest time, with the Diesel Particular Filter becoming compulsory several years ago. When the Diesel Particular Filter was brought in, MOT failures for emissions doubled for the first 6 months of its implementation. With many fleet cars for many years using diesel engines, the knock on effects of these changes are still being felt.

Then, in 2018, the “dangerous” category was brought into MOT tests, meaning that a lot of owners of older vehicles couldn’t even drive their cars away to be fixed. With the Covid 19 exemption leaving cars garaged for months, many drivers of older vehicles are dreading their next, delayed, MOT.

CarTakeBack network

Since 2005, the CarTakeBack scheme has been offering drivers of older vehicles a lifeline when their car fails its MOT test. With your vehicle still in the garage, you can arrange for it to be valued, taken away and dealt with without you having to worry about it a moment longer. This includes taking care of the documentation, which is all cleared through the DVLA.

Facing the fact that your older vehicle is more expensive to repair than it’s worth is not something most owners find easy. However, unless you’re in a financial position where this is viable, tighter new laws mean the writing is, sadly, on the wall. On the plus side, taking a more roadworthy vehicle for its MOT test in future will be much less of a black mark in the diary.

Book your MOT test soon

If your vehicle has been in storage for the last few months, the sooner it receives its MOT test, the better. A surge in demand due in the Autumn means that, for many drivers, not only will their vehicles be less likely to pass, their expiry date will also be overdue. Check your status via the online MOT checker to find out the date, then bite the bullet and book your MOT.

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