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Red Bull Honda Adhesion: A meeting with a different atmosphere than usual. Verstappen fighting for the title prepares a special helmet

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The helmet used by Verstappen at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is ​​white and has the message “Thank you HONDA”.Thursday, 4:00 pm, the day before the opening of the 2021 F1 Round 22 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The staff of Red Bull Honda arranged the two machines in the garage and all gathered in the garage where a large space was created. At the center of the circle was sporting director Jonathan Wheatley. Every Grand Prix, a team-wide meeting on Thursday. Since this day’s meeting will be the last meeting of the season, it will be a general meeting with not only the usual engineers and mechanics but also staff such as public relations, marketing, catering, etc. before taking a group photo. rice field.

However, the atmosphere of this year’s general meeting was a little different from the usual year. That’s because the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was the final round of the drivers’ championship with Max Verstappen (Red Bull Honda) and Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) tying. In other words, this meeting is Red Bull’s first time in eight years since 2013. For Honda, it was the first meeting in 30 years since 1991 to bet on the championship.

There were also rarely Christian Horner representatives, Helmut Marko (motor sports advisor), Honda’s Masashi Yamamoto managing director and Toyoharu Tanabe F1 technical director.

This meeting was a special time for Honda as well. This is because this was also the last meeting of F1 for Honda, who will finish the F1 race only in 2021. It also meant that it was the last meeting for Red Bull Honda. You also visit the ยูฟ่าเบท for more information

Verstappen, his first title-winning match, talked to his father, Yos, and other acquaintances on the pit wall for a while during the meeting. When the meeting was over and the staff lined up in front of the garage, Verstappen was showing him to the Honda staff, mostly with his helmet. Verstappen prepared a special helmet in front of the Honda F1’s last race. It was a helmet that expressed gratitude to Honda with “Thank you HONDA” drawn on the back of the head of the helmet based on white, which is also my favorite design.

The final race, Abu Dhabi GP, was the last race for Red Bull Honda. No matter what the result, I want you to fight a race without regrets.

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Honda goes to the final F1 race on ยูฟ่าเบท “One step closer to reaching the dream of winning the title. Fight to the end” Yamamoto MD / F1 Round 22 Yuki Tsunoda challenges Honda F1 Last Race with a special helmet “Thank you for continuing to give dreams. We will fight together until the end.”

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