Motorbike vs Car: Which one is right for you?


Whether you’ve dreamed of owning a bike for years or you’re entertaining the notion for the very first time, it can be difficult to decide what mode of transport works best for you. If you’ve been going backwards and forwards between the two, this blog could help you out. While both motorbikes and cars are valid forms of transport, they won’t suit everyone’s needs, so read on to find out how these vehicles could fit into your life.


In the long run, it’s usually cheaper to run a motorbike than it is a car. Not only are bikes more fuel-efficient, but insurance can be up to half as expensive. What’s more, you’ll have just as many packages to choose from as with cars, from pay per mile insurance to comprehensive plans. If you’re someone who’s on a tight budget and needs something to get them from A to B, a motorbike could be right up your street, especially if you already have a license.


Both cars and motorbikes are convenient in their own ways, it all depends on your needs. For example, motorbikes can fit into tighter parking spaces and can also weave in between cars when there’s a lot of traffic. This can save you time and make your journeys less of a hassle, but if the weather’s poor it could be uncomfortable sitting on the back of a bike. You might also struggle to transport a large amount of shopping on a bike, whereas a car trunk could handle this easily.


Having a family can make having a car a necessity, ruling out motorbikes for many parents. While there’s no harm in having a motorbike for yourself to use on the weekends, you’ll need a classic five-seater to do the school run and buy groceries. It all depends on your financial situation. If you can afford to have a motorbike as a hobby, then go ahead and get one.


While both cars and motorbikes can be used as a hobby, motorbikes provide a lot more of an experience than simply driving in a car. You’ll be getting some exercise as you navigate the bends of roads whilst enjoying the fresh air. You can even join motorcycle groups and go on longer trips to experience the world like never before.


Motorbikes might be an incredible experience, but they sadly do carry a greater risk of injury. It’s important to wear protective clothing and a high-quality helmet when riding, but you still have less protection from impacts than when you’re sitting in a car.  If safety is a big concern for you, then driving a car could give you more peace of mind.

There are lots of reasons to choose either a motorbike or a car, but only you can decide which one is best for you. Remember, even if you do decide on one over the other, there’s nothing stopping you from changing your mind a few years down the line.


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