Motorcycle Helmet Modifications

If you want to get the best out of your motorcycle helmet, there are certain modifications that will increase the safety and performance of the helmet. These modifications will improve the overall performance and ride quality while ensuring the safety of the rider.

Bluetooth Headsets

With the rise of technology, we have seen the birth of new devices such as the smart phone, tablet, and other mobile devices that are used for entertainment, work, and communication. There are also a lot of accessories that come with these devices such as Bluetooth headsets, GPS systems, and even cameras. The best part about these devices is that they are portable and can be used anywhere.

Bluetooth headsets are convenient, as you don’t have to remove your earphones when talking on the phone or listening to music. However, some of them are bulky and heavy, so it is important to pick the right ones. A good Bluetooth headset should be comfortable to wear for hours.

The JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth speaker is a compact, portable speaker that is small enough to fit in a backpack or glove compartment. It has four 40mm drivers and two passive radiators, which create an impressive frequency response of 90 dB at 20 Hz and above. The high quality sound comes from the JBL Flip 4’s dynamic bass and treble controls, which enable you to adjust the volume and equalize the sound.

There are many different types of Bluetooth headsets. Some are made for general use and others for specific applications. If you are looking to buy a headset for your helmet, it is important to make sure it will work well with your bike. You can look at reviews from other riders and compare their experiences.

Heads up Display

Heads up display is a very useful safety feature for motorcycle riders. It’s also a great way to get a head start on your commute. The display helps you stay focused on what’s ahead while you’re on the road. There’s no need to look down at your phone or fiddle with your controls. Just set the location you want to go and you can enjoy a relaxing ride.

Head up displays are great because they allow you to look down while driving, which is not possible with a regular motorcycle helmet. You can also use it for navigation purposes, but some people find it distracting. A heads up display allows you to look at the road ahead while maintaining your attention on the road. Some helmets also have a heads up display, but it is a separate device that needs to be connected to your helmet.

A heads up display (HUD) can be easily attached to the lower section of your helmet. This can help you view your speed, navigation directions, music, and camera options.

Lighting Kits

There are many motorcycle helmet lighting kits available in the market. But, not all motorcycle helmet lighting kits are created equal. The best motorcycle helmet lighting kits are made by companies that have experience in making lighting kits for motorcycles and helmets. Some of the best motorcycle helmet lighting kits are those made by companies like: Xtreme Lighting, LED Lighting, R-Gel, and Light-Rite.

Lighting kits can be added to helmets in various ways, such as adding LED lights, reflectors, and lens covers to enhance the visibility of the rider.

LED Strips are more efficient and modernized than EL Wire (Electroluminescent wire). They are a great option for people who are looking to cut down on electricity usage. EL Wire is a bit more expensive than LED strips, but they last longer and are more versatile.

Reflective Strips

Reflective Strips are sort of stickers that work as a decal. They also work as a protectant for your helmet. When a light source hits them, they reflect the light to the source. So you can’t notice them during the daytime. It is necessary to ensure that these stickers are positioned accurately on the helmet’s surface.

Tinted Face Shields

Tinted face shields are a great option for people who ride with tinted visors on their helmet. The tinted face shields block out some of the light, but it’s still enough for most people to see. However, the tinted face shields can be a bit heavy and bulky, so they can be a bit uncomfortable.

You can’t ride your motorcycle at night. If you are riding at night, you have to wear a helmet and your motorcycle needs a headlight. If you are not wearing a helmet, you are not safe to ride. If you are not safe to ride, then you are not safe.

Double pane shield or heated shield

When it comes to purchasing a new helmet, you want one that is durable and comfortable. If you’re on a budget, there are many great options for those who want to upgrade their helmet without breaking the bank.

It’s important to know that the price of a double pane window is not what you will pay for one at a store or a place like Home Depot. The actual cost of a double pane window depends on the size of the window, the type of glass used and the manufacturer. The cost of a double pane window can range from $25 to $60.


The motorcycle helmet market has seen many changes in recent times with manufacturers introducing new helmets and trying to provide better safety features. This has led to a lot of improvements in the design of helmets and it’s been proven that helmets that are safer are also more comfortable. In addition to this, there have been a number of improvements made to the design of motorcycle helmets in an attempt to make them more aerodynamic and reduce the amount of wind noise.

Choosing a helmet for the first time can be overwhelming, especially if you have never ridden before. You have so many options to consider when shopping for a helmet. What size should you get? Should you get a helmet that can be converted into a racing bike? How do you know what kind of modifications are legal? Do you need a full face shield?