Motorcycle Leggings vs Jeans

Motorcycles not only used by thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies but also for cheap, affordable and quick commuting to work for the white-collar workers to affordable transport for the younger generation to get out and about. Whether you looking to get a motorcycle or already have one of the main precautions is protective motorcycle clothing. Most countries will have laws stating what must be worn and what is optional. In reality you want to be as protected as possible just incase the worst happens, and you come off your bike. whilst being fully protected you still want your garments to be comfortable and give you enough maneuverability to get on and off your motorcycle. It is possible to find all these things whilst still looking casual and not being covered from head to toe in leather.


Motorcycle jeans come in a large variety of styles, fits and colours. You can even get away with wearing the jeans out and about without anyone really noticing that they are actually fully padded and protective motorcycle jeans. The material is usually Kevlar or a denim jean with Kevlar lined material.

They will generally have pockets to hold protective pads for your knees and hips, some of these pads can be recoverable or permanently fixed depending on the type of jean. As men’s biker jeans come in many styles and colours the two major downsides are that they are generally very warm so in the summer you are uncomfortable until you are riding at a pace that keeps you cool.

The second downside are that once you have chosen a pair you have to stick with that style so if you wanted something smarter you would have to go out and buy another set of jeans. As with regular jeans you will need to get a specific cut or style, they also need to be aware that men’s and women’s styles are different so you generally have to go into store to make sure that you get the correct fitting jeans. Motorcycle jeans will have thicker material and usually double lined making them more hard wearing and putting more between you and the road, but they are not very versatile.


Legging are much like there jean counterparts they are a super strong anti-abrasion material making them far more breathable than jeans. Your main areas of which you will require the most protection is made with Kevlar panels and also have pockets for knee and hip pads. The material has a good stretch keeping it a tight fit keeping your protective pads in place. These can be used on their own in the summer keeping you much cooler than their jean counter parts.

They also be worn as an undergarment in the winter keeping you nice and comfortable in the cold. Now the main reason you will want to buy motorcycle leggings is that then can be worn under anything. So you can keep all the protection to keep you safe whilst out on the bike but you can change your outer garments for whatever the occasion calls for whether that being a casual catch up with friends at the coffee, shop or a smarter office meeting with colleges. You can also change the outer garment to match your colour coordination for the day with the underlayer keeping you safe incase of any incidents along the way. Most legging are unisex with comfortable tight fitting that comes from the elasticity of the material.


As yourself how much riding you will be doing? If you are riding every morning and getting changed when you get to your destination you will probably want to go for the jeans option. What weather you will be riding in and where you will be going too and from? This will help you choose what you will be looking for in your protective equipment.

If you are riding in all weathers you may want something you can layer up with more warmth and rain proof oilskins, if its summer then you may just want to wear shorts with legging underneath to keep you as cool as possible. If you are going to all sorts of different meetings and catch ups do you want something that can change to match your outfit? Then legging may be the best option for you.