My Dream Honeymoon


Every girl has a dream wedding and honeymoon plan when they’re a teen, right? You look at different kinds of dresses, flowers, venues, music, and so on. I never went so far as to have a wedding scrapbook or anything, but I definitely have an idea in my head of how I want things to go. Maybe I can’t get the exact church for the ceremony or the exact hall for the reception, but I know what kind of buildings I want them to be in. 

And after the reception ends and all the guests go home, my new husband and I will head off on our honeymoon! I want to go to Maui. I’ve never been, and I think a honeymoon is a perfect opportunity to travel to a beautiful island location like Hawai’i. On our first evening, after we arrive, we’ll sit on the beach together and drink brightly colored drinks while watching the sunset. We’ll relax under palm trees on beautiful sandy beaches and just listen to the waves. That’s a good way to relax after a big wedding and then traveling all the way to Hawaii.

I’m more active than that, though; I don’t want to spend the whole trip sitting on the beach. I want to explore the island! One of my friends went on a private jeep tour on Maui and never stopped raving about how great it was. I want to go on a jeep tour like that when I go to Hawaii. Apparently, the guides can show you all kinds of places that most tourists never get to visit, because they aren’t advertised as much. 

We can go hiking in one of the national parks. We can see the volcanoes – I’ve never seen one in person. I don’t think many people have! Plus there are lots of waterfalls and other scenic places to visit. Maybe we can even see these things while on our private jeep tour, and save ourselves some of the walking. I bet the jeeps can get up close to the craters because they can drive on the solid lava. 

I also hear that Maui has great snorkeling tours. That’s something else I want to do with my husband on our honeymoon. As an outdoorsy kind of person, if I suggest these activities as part of a dream trip and he’s not interested, I know we shouldn’t get married!

I want to avoid the big tour groups and buses, though. I’ve been on some trips like that before, and it takes all the fun out of it for me. You’re always in a crowd, and you’re completely at the mercy of the bus driver as far as how long you can stay in a specific location. Plus, there’s always that one complaining loudmouth who ruins it for everyone. If you don’t want to be outside in the sunshine, don’t go on a trip to explore the outdoors in a sunny place! I won’t have my honeymoon trip dampened by having to deal with someone like that!


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