Nationwide State To State Car Shipping Services

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Transporting a car from one state to another can be accomplished in several ways: with a trailer, hiring a professional transport driver, driving the vehicle yourself, or sending it by rail. The quickest and by far the most convenient way however is by using a state to state car shipping service provided by an experienced transport company.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car To Another State?

The average rate to ship a car state to state is around $.85 per mile for distances covering up to 1500 miles. The shorter mileage trips are the most expensive per mile with pricing steadily lowering the longer the trip’s mileage will be. The costs involved to ship a car to another state largely depend on factors such as distance, the pickup date, the route to be travelled, the make/model of the vehicle, the method of transportation, the month (season), the condition of the vehicle, (and any other applicable discounts you may be entitled to).

How Long Will It Take To Ship A Car To Another State?

On average, with a travel distance of about 200 miles, it will usually take between 1-2 days. For trips of 2,000+ miles or more, it can usually take anywhere from a week (7 days) up to 10 days depending on several other variables. Some of these variables can and often do affect the timing of the delivery; for example, bad weather, road construction, bad traffic, and the trucker’s remaining drivable hours for the week. The drivable hours are regulated by the DOT Department of Transportation and are in place to ensure the safety of not only the driver, but for all the other people on the road at the same time..

Breaking Down The Factors

Distance: When you need to ship your car to another state, these longer distances tend to be more expensive transports. On the plus side though, the longer the travel distance of the trip, the more of a discount per mile you will usually get.

Pick up date: If you can be flexible with your pick up dates, you are much more likely to get not only a fair price” but you’ll be afforded with much better shipping options and equipment that is best suited for your specific transport requirements. If you can book in advance, the earlier the better but by at least several weeks, you will have the best opportunity to secure the most affordable shipping rates with all the previously mentioned benefits included as well.

Route: The route is what relates basically to the travel itinerary for the entire trip i.e. the roads and highways the carrier will use throughout the entire state to state car shipping transport. There is the potential for surges in road traffic and congestion which can then result in increased shipping fees. Some of the other risk factors to be aware of include harsh weather, construction on the roads and other hazardous road conditions.

Vehicle Make/Model: You will need to provide the vehicles exact specifications and dimensions when looking for quotes to ship your vehicle to another state. The transport company will need to know how much space they will need for the transport. If your vehicle is longer or taller or has any modified parts on it, you may be facing an additional charge for this accommodation.

Vehicle Condition: If your vehicle is in good running condition, you will get a better quote for your vehicle transport. This is in comparison to of course an inoperable vehicle, which would otherwise require a winch and some other necessary equipment ultimately adding to the increase in pricing.

Method of transport: The most popular shipping option is open car transport. It is by far the cheapest and most convenient way to ship a car to another state. Enclosed auto shipping provides you with additional protection for your vehicle since it’s fully enclosed with walls on each side of the vehicle providing the most protection possible to your vehicle. While enclosed transport does indeed provide the most protection for your vehicle, it does come at a premium. Rates for enclosed transport can easily be as much as 50% more compared to the cost of an open air transport.

Season: Car transport pricing can vary from state to state, but it also can be affected by the time of year you are shipping the vehicle. Winter months tend to be a little cheaper compared to the beginning of the year or the warmer summer months when transport is much easier with fewer weather hazards to face.

Essential Discounts: Some transport companies will provide discounts for certain types of customers. Some of these customers can receive a discount on their state to state car shipment if they are, say, members of the military (either active or retired), sometimes students can get a discount and even snowbirds. Check with your prospective car transport company to see what, if any potential discounts you may qualify for.