New car features that prove that your next car is going to be something incredible


Cars have always been the hot testing ground for scientists and tech geeks to try out their wildest and geekiest creations. It is rightly said that curiosity is the mother of innovation, as all new cars today feature one or two awesome tech features that blow your mind once you get your hands on them.

The 21st century sets the path for more futuristic cars in the forthcoming, proving that mankind is heading towards an unprecedented evolution. Today, we have shortlisted a number of new car features that will sooner or later make their way into your upcoming future car. These features will surely boggle your mind over the power of science and technology.

Crash detection SOS systems

A car crash is always the scariest ordeal for any driver out there. In such an instance, providing swift and efficient emergency services is the key to avoid the situation from becoming adverse.

However, automakers like Ford and GM use cellular networks and crash detection sensors to send out help to their customers in the event of a crash. For example, GM’s OnStar emergency services call 911 and contact other nearby GM customers to send out a rescue if you are involved in a crash. This can prove to be the ultimate difference between life and death.

Autonomous driving

Self-driving cars are probably the hottest news to have emerged out of the automotive industry in quite a while now. The Tesla Model S is leading the line for self-driving cars with its AutoPilot feature.

With the help of a camera, radar, and 360-degree sonar sensors, the car can automatically adjust its speed, change lanes on a highway, turn around corners and park itself in a nice ol’ spot. Other automakers aren’t lagging far behind, with even GM and Apple set to introduce themselves to the autonomous driving scene.

Voice recognition-powered interfaces

Talking cars are edging closer to reality, as all automakers are experimenting with this technology to amplify the overall user experience. Fiat Chrysler’s UConnect voice recognition systems made their way into Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, and Jeep cars as early as 2015.

Amazon Alexa is also offered in numerous high-end cars today. Now you simply have to ask, “How far is my favorite restaurant?” or “How do I get home?” to prompt a convenient reply from your smart car.

Night vision and radar detection

Driving at night can be a stressful task, as you are under the constant fear of colliding with an object or a stray animal while driving on a desolate road. Fortunately, automakers have a solution ready for that too, as BMW and Audi have integrated actual night vision dashboards and radar detection systems into their cars. These systems reduce your stress levels by allowing you to detect wildlife like deer or objects like trash cans in the complete dark.

Driver fatigue systems

Driver fatigue has always been a critical issue, as it is one of the worst factors that could land you in a serious accident. Luckily, automakers like BMW and Mercedes-Benz have developed driver fatigue systems that analyze your driving patterns with the assistance of special sensors while on the go. The system alerts you to pull over if you are being too reckless, thus saving you from a disaster.

NASA-approved car seats

Being seated for long periods in your car can result in a sore butt, which is a painful ordeal for all drivers and passengers. However, NASA and Nissan have teamed up together to come up with a remedy.

The Zero Gravity Seats’ developed by this duo maintains your spine in a natural posture, while simultaneously soothing your muscles with its cushioning. This lends you the illusion of space-age travel in the comfort of your car.

Hands-free trunks

Almost no driver likes the idea of opening his trunk to fill his groceries and other stuff, especially when his hands are full with them. Almost everyone must have kicked open their trunk or done some other weird hand movements to get the job done.

Those days are well behind the past, as automobiles like the Kia Sedona feature a self-opening trunk that automatically triggers when the system detects your smart key nearby.

Surround-view camera

While rearview cameras have been a necessary safety asset in all automobiles for quite a while now, automakers are bringing out advanced surround-view cameras as well. These special cameras give you a 360-degree view of your whole surroundings, while the integrated sensors alert you before you crash into any nearby object.

Lane centering brakes and cameras

Cruising on highways has never been an easy task with drivers under constant pressure to not cross the restricted yellow line. Thankfully, the latest automobiles like the Ford Fusion, Toyota Prius, Lincoln MKZ, and many others include a handy feature called ‘HYPERLINK “”HYPERLINK “”HYPERLINK “”lane centering’. This driver assistance tech gently nudges your car into the center of a lane, thus maintaining the safety and decorum on a highway.

4G LTE WiFi hotspot powered cars

Today, a growing number of manufacturers are providing 4G LTE WiFi hotspot services to help you stay connected even on the road. This includes the likes of Buick, GMC, Chevrolet, and many other automakers. Now, passengers simply don’t have to worry about using their expensive cellular data connections to surf on the Internet.

Smart GPS

Being stuck for hours inside traffic isn’t a joyful outing for any driver. Fortunately, automakers like Acura have integrated real-time traffic detection with their built-in GPS. This system analyses the best route to get out of sticky rush hours and also alerts you of any nearby accidents, weather events, or ongoing construction on the road.

Light regulating sunroofs

Cars like the Mercedes-Benz SLK have totally changed the definition of the sunroof. Now, the sunroof isn’t just a mere style object, it can also be darkened to block out the sun’s harmful UV rays, or lightened to showcase the glamour of a crystal clear sky. Mercedes’ ‘Magic Sky’ sunroof is truly an incredible asset.

Automatic high beams

While high beams are a prerequisite while driving in pitch-black darkness, drivers coming from your opposite side may probably be angered by your actions. BMW and Audi laser-powered high beams automatically adjust the brightness levels.

If no one comes from the opposite end, the high beams turn the brightness up a notch. This system also dims the high beams automatically if it senses another vehicle approaching you on the other lane.

Automatic parking systems

Finding a nice parking spot in a packed city is a hassle in general, prompting you to pack parallel in a tight spot. Nowadays, every automaker including Toyota, Lexus, and Ford feature automatic parking systems in their automobiles to help you avoid those tacky dents or scratches. Bosch has also developed an app that allows drivers to get out of their cars and let the vehicle park itself.

Automatic start and stop engines

Your car gobbles a lot of fuel while on a standby in a traffic jam. Some people switch off their engines to save fuel but are also forced to act quickly once the traffic gets moving. Cars like the Chevy Malibu and other budget cars feature automatic start and stop engines. These engines automatically switch off if your foot is off the gas pedal for a long time and restarts in an instant once you set your foot on the accelerator again.

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