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Shopping for a new car can turn off the most determined consumer. After all, have you seen the size of dealership lots? You can get lost in a maze of vehicles for hours on end. The car buying grind just gets started after you find the vehicle of your dreams. You still have to deal with a sales representative who has earned an advanced degree in haggling over price, while you are not quite through with the first lesson of haggling 101. Throw in several test drives and the wait for the finance department to make a decision. and your only day off of the week has turned into a daylong saga at one or more auto dealerships.

We have a better way to shop for a new car and you do not have to leave home to get the job done.

Like Internet commerce, online automobile shopping is on the rise, with many consumers using multiple electronic devices to research different vehicle makes and models. One of the most important steps is knowing how to obtain a price quote online.

Create a List of Features

To get an accurate new car price quote online, you have to list the features you want to come with a vehicle. Remember that what is a standard feature for one vehicle might be an expensive optional feature for another make and model. Do you want an eight cylinder engine that generates considerable horsepower or does the latest safety feature appeal more to you? The best online sources for obtaining new car price quotes offer drop down windows that you use to add features, which in turn, increases the price of a new car price quote online.

Research Dealerships

The second step for obtaining the price of a new car from an online source is to research dealerships offering the vehicles you have chosen to comprise your short list. Start by reading customer reviews on sites such as Yelp and Google. However, do not rely solely on customer review sites, as some reviews might taint your overall option by coming from disgruntled former employees or customers who simply have an axe to grind with the owner of a dealership. You can also review the customer testimonials published on dealership websites as well. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) represents the best source for customer reviews. You should consider only auto dealerships accredited by the BBB and have received the BBB’s highly coveted A+ rating.

Kick the Tires, While Looking at Prices

You do not have to interact with anyone at a car dealership to take a look around the lot. Check out the sticker prices on the vehicles that have made your short list. Some of the dealerships you visit might have recently discounted the sticker price of a vehicle you are considering for purchase. Recently discounted vehicle prices might not show up in your online research. You can call dealerships for price information, but for buying a new car, seeing is truly believing.

Visit Manufacturer Websites, then Dealership Websites

What does MSRP mean? It means the manufacturer suggested retail price for the sale of vehicle. Manufacturer websites offer you a starting point for researching new car prices online. Auto manufacturers typically offer more advanced research tools than the research tools provided by car dealerships. However, auto dealerships present more accurate online pricing information, as manufacturers do not factor in the price discounts offered by dealerships. In addition, car dealerships present the latest information on upcoming sales that only individual dealerships offer. For example, a Ford dealership in one part of town might organize a different sales event than the sales event organized by a Ford dealer operating on the other side of town.

Objective and Accurate Automotive Websites

After you acquire online price quotes from manufacturers and dealers, visit the websites run by impartial automotive specialists Edmunds and Kelley Blue Book. The authoritative automotive websites present objective and accurate price information you can use when it comes time to negotiate the price of a new vehicle with a sales representative. Websites such as Edmunds and Kelley Blue Book offer comprehensive drop down boxes that cover every possible pricing factor.

Make the car buying process easier to take by obtaining a new car price quote online.

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