New Tesla Owner? Then You Need These Accessories


If you have just purchased a Model 3, or you’re in the process of buying a Tesla, then you will be in good company. Since 2009, Tesla has produced over 3 million electric vehicles from the Roadster to the newest; the Model Y.

It is estimated that Tesla delivered over 911,000 EVs in 2021, with the Model 3 becoming the most successful electric car ever. Traditional car manufacturers are also investing in electric vehicles now as it becomes clearer that eventually all cars will be powered this way. But, for now, it is Tesla that most people think of when the words electric car is spoken.

Why is Tesla the choice for EV owners?

One of the problems with electric cars is how long they can travel without recharging. Car owners will invariably need to install a good EV charger at their home, but the vehicle will need charging again if being taken on a long journey.

Yet Tesla managed to overcome this problem with their first vehicle. The Roadster was launched in 2008 and could travel 245 miles on a single charge. Now, with updated technology, Teslas can go for anywhere up to 375 miles before they need to be charged again.

This is one of the main reasons that Teslas have such a huge share of the EV market. The cars also look good, and they perform well against traditional petrol-consuming automobiles.

What accessories and attachments should every Tesla owner have?

New car owners can rarely resist adding a few extra touches to their new purchases. Some of them will be purely cosmetic, and some more practical. Tesla now has four models on the market; Model S, Model X, Model Y, and Model 3, with the latter being the most popular.

Despite excellent design and craft, here are some essential accessories that should be added, and a few others that you might want to consider also.

EV charging station

Portable chargers and charging stations are essential if you have a Tesla. Fortunately, today it is fairly easy to find a public EV charger when traveling across the states.

The US now has around 53,000 charging stations with 140,000 chargers for electric vehicles. But, you will still want to have a good charging station at home so that your ‘tank’ is always full.

Screen protector

Your Tesla comes with a touchscreen like many modern cars do these days. Like any touchscreen, it is prone to greasy fingerprints and scratches. Screen protectors are inexpensive but can help to keep your screen clean and scratch-free. Choose a matte version to reduce glare and increase viewing comfort.

Charging adapters

You may or may not need one of these, but if you have an adapter then you will be able to use different charging stations. There are several Tesla charging adapters on the market, and owning one could make life more convenient when you stop at a charging station.

Storage for Sentry Mode footage

While Sentry Mode is known for draining the battery if left on for long periods, it also offers peace of mind when parking a car in an unknown area. To use Sentry Mode though, you need to purchase some kind of storage device. Many will opt for a simple USB flash drive but you may prefer to get something with more space such as an external HDD or SSD.

Air filter replacement kit

When the Roadster was launched in 2008, it could go from 0 to 60 in less than 4 seconds, and reach a top speed of 200km per hour. This made it comparable to standard road cars, but it had one advantage; lack of maintenance needed.

EVs need little maintenance and require no oil changes. But, the air filter will need to be changed periodically. It is a simple task, and keeping a replacement kit means you can do this yourself without the need to pay a mechanic.

Floor mats

Even less exciting than air filters perhaps, this accessory however is essential. Good floor mats protect your car from wear and tear and help it to retain value. They also make it easier to clean the car floor as they can be removed. It is well worth shopping around for different options as floor mats can cost hundreds of dollars.

Tire repair kit and pump

Unlike in the past when a spare tire came as standard, Tesla doesn’t provide one at all. There are strong environmental reasons behind this. Research has shown that 85% of spare tires never get used, and will often end up in a landfill.

The alternative is to buy a portable pump and tire repair kit. These are available online and are suitable for minor repairs should you get caught out.

EV insurance

Surprisingly, some people are unaware that EVs require insurance just as regular automobiles do. It is worth asking questions about EV insurance and finding the best cover. This is one extra that you absolutely must purchase along with your Tesla.


The popularity of Tesla cannot be denied, and sales will seemingly continue to grow even as rival car manufacturers deliver their own models.

Adding a few accessories such as wireless phone charging pads, screen protectors, and charging adaptors, can mean a little more protection, and a little more convenience when out on the road.

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