New Volkswagen Models and EV Charging Technology


The German automotive company, Volkswagen (VW), have been running their car manufacturing operation since 1937.  The Volkswagen group operates globally and is renowned for their innovative, affordable products. In the midst of a global warming emergency, every industry are being asked to explain themselves, especially within the automobile industry.

Now the general public are beginning to ask the question “Why?”. Why are we still using fossil fuels to power the majority of our cars? And, how can we reduce our carbon footprint? Many government schemes urge people to use shared transport, such as trains, buses and coaches as a response to this. However, when this is not feasible, what is the answer?

New Volkswagen Models

A company at the forefront of this change are Volkswagen; they are creating electric performance cars that are said to be powerful, sustainable and still fun to drive.  With their proven German engineering which has ruled the motor industry for years, alongside the new green initiative felt on a global scale they have re-developed their offerings to adhere to the needs of their once saturated market.

The ID Family

The most recent release, the ID Range, has rejuvenated older models into green cars of the future. The gas guzzling iconic campervan has been rebirthed into this era, matching the needs of its user and their environment. The ID Buzz, this model has been built on the cherished design of the campervan, but this comes with a customisable interior, new additional features and a futuristic new style.

The ID Crozz is an everyday car, uses a blend of new technology, a fully electric operating system and voice recognition to really connect with its owner. By experimenting with other forward thinking technologies, this car is able to offer customers a fully immersive experience, whilst harbouring the strength of an much bigger four wheel drive, with an elegant finish.  The aim is for this model to be able to travel for 500 kilometres in one charge, allowing for more freedom in travel and fees.

Another classic remake includes that of the Beetle, Volkswagen have re-designed this using their futuristic, green designs to create this fun, funky buggy which can tackle the toughest terrains. It has a rather bold, outlandish design; it is clear to see that its retro 60’s origins have been held onto but with a much more peaceful effect on the environment. The powerful buggy can go from 0-62 mph in 7.2 seconds, charges to over 18% of its full battery in 15 minutes and operates on a 150kW electric motor.

The ID Vizzion represents the future of Volkswagens designs, as they put it “The best way to see into the future is to create it yourself”, this is exactly what they aim to do. Their extensive research into improving the electronic car market is testing new batteries and finding a result which will allow electric cars to hold more energy, thus travelling further. This is the future of the automobile market, consumers want greener, money saving and environmentally safe cars and are willing to purchase them.

The E- Golf

Another rejuvenated classic is the E-Golf, this design is totally battery operated, making it only 4p a mile, which is a much more economical answer to the rising price of petrol. It can run 144 miles on one charge, which is a real feat compared to competitors offerings and the current developments in the electronic car market.  This product has the VW seal of approval, comes with additional features and technologically advanced settings, whilst being good for the environment.

What is EV Charging Technology?

Electrical vehicle charging technology is concerned with the charging stations, points and the electric vehicle supply equipment associated with electric cars. This is the technology used by Volkswagen to power their new electric cars. There are three different types of EV charging – rapid, fast and slow, of which rapid charging ports are the fastest to evolve of them, naturally.

Rapid chargers use DC charging which can be split into two categories – ultra-rapid and rapid, these are the levels which are used by Volkswagen to ensure their cars are charged at the fastest rate to alleviate any unnecessary stress and make it as comfortable as possible for their customers.

Nearly all of the EV chargers that you can find in public are free and allow users to park their cars and charge them with ease. Some do charge, but the payment methods for these vary, this is usually the case for the rapid chargers at most. The usual charge would be relevant to the amount of energy used or how long the car is left charging for.

Volkswagen offer their clients a home charging system which is simple to install and maintain, all their customers need is a household socket or one of their wallboxes, which they will install for you. The Volkswagen group pride themselves on offering their customers charging point, which are waterproof and completely weather-proof to insure that little can get in the way of your cars usage and the journeys you want to take.

The lithium-ion batteries that Volkswagen uses are some of the best in the market and hold their charge for an extremely long time, as compared to competitors. They use to power their cars come with a eight year warranty, proving their belief in their products and what they are capable of doing. This innovative technology is spreading across the car industry and will continue to do so with the hanging wants of the market. The consumer is in control in this market and they have asked for this change, we want to be a greener species and so we need our manufactures to develop products which adhere to these new needs.

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