The theft of cars and license plates is on the rise. Lawbreakers can no longer get away with generating phone number plates because of the increasingly improved technologies in ANPR used by the police. So they take and clone them instead. If you have been a number plate theft/cloning target, it may be pretty expensive, not to mention the mental anguish if you don’t know what to do. As a result, the tutorial’s purpose is to advise you on what steps to take if your number plate has had stolen. Your license plate is an essential component of your car. It is your legal obligation to have it fastened to your vehicle in the proper places at all times, and if you are caught driving without it by the authorities, you may face a fine, points on your license, and other penalties. Because of this, it would be inconvenient if you lost them, you would want to avoid having them stolen at all costs. Of course, you can’t stop somebody from just taking your license plate if they’re going to, but you can learn what to do if it occurs to you. In this post, we will look at some of the procedures you should take if your license plate has been stolen at any time.

What Motives People to Steal License Plates?

But first, it would be good to grasp why this is a crime at all. The fact is that license plates are stolen for a variety of reasons. One of the most prevalent is that the person in question is attempting to cover up for another crime they have done, so they affix your license plate to their car to avoid being discovered. Unfortunately, this can be successful for an extended period. At times, your license plate may be stolen if it is thought to be valuable, and it may then be sold to gain money for the perpetrator. Or the individual may be intending to drive away from gas stations without paying for the gasoline, leaving you to answer a phone call from the police questioning why you did it! Whatever the underlying cause for the theft, the essential point is that you need to make sure you know what to do if it happens to you.

What Should You Do If Your License Plate Is Stolen?

If you are the victim of number plate theft, you must take some precautions to limit the disruption and suffering that this crime can cause in your life.

Please report it.

If your license plate is stolen, the first thing you should do is notify the authorities. As soon as you become aware of the crime, it would help if you informed the police and the DVLA. The sooner you do it, the higher their chances of apprehending the criminal and retrieving the stolen license plates for you. At the absolute least, you will assist the cops in getting a head start. If a personalised number plate is stolen, you can request to maintain the number whether or not you recover the plate. Even if they can’t find the individual, it means you’ve documented it legally, and you won’t be accountable for any fines or other penalties that may be connected to your license plate after the thief starts driving with them. If a personalised number plate is stolen, you can seek to maintain the number whether or not you recover the actual number plate in the future. However, you must show evidence that it had been stolen, and reporting it to the police will assist you in this, as they will supply you with papers and a crime reference number to use for this reason.

Order a New License Plate from DVLA-registered companies.

It’s heartbreaking to think so, but the fact is that you have to buy a new plate while everything else happens behind the scenes. It is because you must still ensure that you are driving lawfully, and driving without your license plates is not permitted. If the police cannot assist you, you will need to purchase new license plates to continue operating. We provide a low-cost number plate range where you may alter your registration for very little money. In any event, make sure you have new license plates; otherwise, you might be in trouble for driving your vehicle – for whatever reason.

You can order a personalised number plate from DVLA registered companies – such as CarReg. The DVLA creates and records vehicle registrations. Hence it plays a vital role in the issue of vehicle registration numbers, or number plates as they are more popularly known. Millions of DVLA number plates are sold straight from a vast stock database, which includes over 50 million previously unissued registrations that are instantly available for purchase from us. The Driver & Vehicle Licensing Organization is a government agency based in Swansea, South Wales (UK) established to function on behalf of the Department of Transport. In 1989, they began commercially offering personalised registrations (now more commonly called DVLA number plates or DVLA Registrations). The DVLA’s inventory primarily consists of age-related current and prefix plates.

The phrase DVLA Number Plates or DVLA Registrations refers to unissued registrations obtained directly from the DVLA rather than via private sales. For thirty years, the DVLA has sold unissued combinations of personalised registration directly and through its official auctions, beginning with the sale of A and H prefix number plates. Some short, highly sought numbers resembling words or names made substantial money.

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