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Since the pandemic started, many businesses have completely adapted to everything digital to make sure that their businesses will continue running. From switching their conference room meetings to online video conferences up to using different collaboration tools to monitor their team’s performance and productivity, every office has its own way of “digitizing” their process to keep up with the new normal.

One of the most effective tools that professionals use today is online PDF tools like It’s a web-based platform which allows you to perform various PDF processes such as conversion, organization, and protection of your PDF files. But before you go searching for the best pdf editors that you will use, here are some of the things that you need to remember.

Why Convert to PDF?

While PDF is indeed helpful, you have to know why it is ideal for you to use this specific file format. Before you convert your word file or excel to pdf, you have to fully understand what characteristics does it have compared to other file formats. In that way, you can easily choose how and when to use it. Here are some of the benefits of using a PDF file:

1. Keep the content unedited

PDF files are permanent. When you convert a file to PDF, it will be as if you are publishing a book. Surely, you can highlight or take note on some parts of it but you will not be able to edit its contents. Somehow, it’s an advantage to make sure that your document will still keep the information regardless if you have shared it to multiple users.

2. Can be accessed on different devices

Since PDF is a universal file, it will be easier for you to access it using any devices both computer and mobile. For as long as you have a PDF reader or any browser, you can view its contents. Same goes with other file formats converted to PDF. It can be opened on all types of computers and on smartphones and tablets.

3. Keep the file’s integrity

Since the file cannot be edited, you can be sure that the integrity of the file is kept. You wouldn’t need to worry if it contains the original information or content. Furthermore, it can be encrypted with a password, so you can choose on whose only allowed to access it.

4. Easier to archive

Thanks to other PDF features such as deleting a page, extracting some pages, and merging multiple PDF files, it will be easier for you to archive and file all your PDFs. You don’t need to create multiple copies for files that you don’t actually need. With these features, it will be like sorting them properly on a filing cabinet. You can say goodbye to tons of clutter on your computer.

Files that You Can Convert to PDF

As mentioned before, PDF conversion is not only for word documents. There are different types of files that you can also convert to PDF and have the same capabilities and advantages. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  1. Excel – You can keep your spreadsheets secured and free from altering by converting them to PDF. With this, you can be sure that there will be no changes on the formula and no manipulation can be done on the numbers.
  2. Word – You can have a professionally executed word document when it is converted to PDF. It’s more credible as it contains the original document.
  3. PowerPoint – You can never say when a technical issue happens with your PowerPoint file. To make sure that your presentation is not ruined, create a backup file of your PowerPoint through PDF.
  4. Images – You can now consolidate all your images into one file and makes it look like an album. With PDF, you can upload image files on platforms that don’t accept JPG or other image formats.

Reliable Online PDF Tool

Make sure to use a reliable online PDF tool on your next project. Here are some factors that you need to look for:

1. Works on all platforms

Find convenient online PDF tools which allow you to use any device so you wouldn’t need to change from one platform to another. For example, if you have a Windows computer but you have an iPad, you should still be able to use both when you need it.

2. Quick and Hassle-Free Process

Look for an online PDF that will not take too much of your time and effort to complete the task. It’s better if you do not need to sign up or install anything to get the job done.

3. Protected and Secured

Check out their Privacy Policy. Make sure that your personal information and files are protected while you are using their platform. Look for something that doesn’t store or give out your data.

4. Keeps the Quality

Make sure that it doesn’t change the quality of your files. Some platforms may compress the overall execution of your while during the process. Look for a reliable software that keeps the quality of your file.

The next time you need an online PDF tool, check out gogopdf. It’s guaranteed secured, safe, and efficient plus it’s hassle-free and convenient.

Visit their website to know more about the different PDF features they offer.


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