Optical Character Recognition technology | How It Revolutionized Our Lives


Don’t you know what optical character recognition is?

You may know or have experienced optical character recognition, but you may not notice the technology behind it. But we’ll tell you how it works and changes our lives.

Optical character recognition becomes an essential part of our lives because of the advantages we derive from it.

First of all, you should know the optical character recognition and it is explained below:

What is optical character recognition?

Optical character recognition is a modern system that uses artificial intelligence to convert text into data. If the text is written in the form of print media or an image, this system would convert it into editable text.

This is not obvious that the image should only be printed, but that it can be written by hand since modern algorithms are intelligent enough to recognize the data from it.

Also, it can be on the page, on the photo, or any other type of image.

Although this technology is not yet fully available, OCR still causes some of the problems, such as creating spaces between words or mixing words.

However, it depends entirely on the complexity of the scanned image. Whether the complete revolution towards optical character recognition still needs to be covered is a fact from which different categories of life benefit.

Here are some examples of where this technology will make your task easy.

Data Entry

If you want to enter data by browsing through the handwritten text, you can easily convert the manually written data into editable text using OCR technology.

You do not have to write all the data manually, but only spend a few seconds in the conversion.


There are situations where you need to edit the old document that is not available in soft form. If you want to do it manually, it may take hours, but with optical character recognition, you can do it in seconds.


When shopping in department stores, it only takes seconds or minutes to complete your billing in the billing area, thanks to the fast scanning of barcodes.

The barcode is a kind of application of OCR technology that allows the system to quickly understand the data about the product and enter it into the computer.

The impact of OCR on our lives

In our daily lifestyle, we benefit from OCR, but usually, we do not notice it. Some of the situations in which OCR makes our life easier are explained below:

Storage of data

If you want to store the data on your mobile phone or system in such a way that the data can be processed later, OCR is the best method.

The OCR simply generates a copy of your data into your digital device. You do not have to do it manually but can simply use OCR technology.

If you want to convert books to digital reading, this tool would be helpful. Many users use this technology to convert data such as e-mails or telephone numbers into digital characters.

Editing old documents

Editing old documents does not require all data to be entered into the computer, as the OCR can turn them around in seconds.

If you want to search for a particular word or passage in the book, a practical solution is not efficient, as it takes hours to find it.

But by converting to digital form, you can easily generate the search option to find something. All you have to do is scan the document and browse it easily.

The OCR not only saves time but also the accuracy of your work.

Business Solutions

Every businessman wants to have efficiency in his business and to do this he can use this tool. This efficiency is only possible if one saves time in business activities.

For example, if an employee takes 20 minutes to copy a document and then takes a few minutes longer to find it, it would take hours to complete your business hours.

But the same task is possible within seconds with OCR technology, which increases your company’s productivity.


The OCR has improved accessibility in our daily lives, whether we are students or entrepreneurs. If you are traveling or your routine is hectic, you may not be able to read a book, but if you convert it to the digital part, you can retrieve it anywhere, anytime.

The data entered into the digital form can be retrieved, edited, or sent to anyone within seconds. Another example of accounts shows that the accounts are more accessible through OCR technology.

If your accounts are controlled by multiple people, you can scan the manual data via OCR and convert it to the digital version to share it and get your calculations right.


Management can be for students or companies and they can benefit from OCR in various areas. If management wants to store and edit data, for example, it can convert it into digital data.

This makes sharing, editing, organizing, and manipulating easy.

Types of OCR that are widely used

Convert image to text:

The image-text converter, which is available online and helps to convert the image easily into text, is free to use, while the conversion takes about seconds.

The popular and efficient picture-to-text converter can scan the image using the upload or paste link options. Some of the popular picture-to-text tool providers are listed below:

OCR application on mobile phones:

Why use scanners when you can access the OCR tool from your phone’s camera? Various OCR applications allow you to capture the image and instantly convert it into editable text.

You can use the tools as follows:

  • Camscanner-OCR

  • Adobe Scan

  • OCR scanners


The OCR should be available on your mobile phones because it can help you in various areas to facilitate your tasks.

Most people also use this tool to convert the emails into editable text, like when they see the email written on a flex. You can easily take photos and convert them into digital text.

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