Our Favourite Tesla Features


Electric cars are becoming more and more popular as time goes on and as technology advances and charging becomes more widely available – in fact, there are more electric charging points in the UK right now than there is petrol stations. The industry leader when it comes to electric cars has always been the Tesla and with them bringing more and more models out each year, today we discuss our favourite features of their cars.

Our favourite feature of the Tesla has got to be their Autopilot feature which has is Tesla’s advanced suite of active driver assistance. Although this doesn’t yet allow you to kick back and sleep whilst you are driven to your destination, this autopilot feature is one of the best on the market. The system will fully take over the control of the throttle, brakes, and steering system in locations in which it allows. It has become so advanced in recent times that if the driver now indicates then it can change lane on a motorway – quite impressive.

The next best features and the reason as to why sales have greatly improved on the Tesla’s in recent years is that of the new superchargers that are more widely available now. These chargers allow for drivers to recharge hundreds of miles of range in under an hour and they are the best way for Tesla drivers to conquer large journeys. In the navigation system in the Tesla’s, if you are planning a journey, the clever technology will work out range miles on your route and plan in charge points for the superchargers.

Other industries such as the online casino industry have also been benefitting from the evolving technology similar to those in Tesla’s. Due to tech being all around us now and unavoidable and therefore many punters have been using online casinos such as here at Maximum Casinos more often than not, and there’s not surprise to this when looking at the quality of casino on show.

The final feature we like on the Tesla is the key that they provide with the vehicle. Although this doesn’t look like a usual “key”, its actually shaped like the car itself and have some pretty cool functions. Even though there are no visible buttons on the key, you can open the trunk, unlock the car, lock the car or open the front trunk. Moreover, you can actually summon the car to come pick you up from the front of your house if parked on the road.

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