Outdoor Fun With Popup Campers


What a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors with cost effective new Popup campers. A Popup Camper is a great way to enjoy the outdoors instead of a tent with a few more creature comforts the experience can be enhanced.

For an inexpensive way to travel to and camp in your favorite outdoor area there is always the option of renting one instead of buying. Renting will give you and your family the opportunity to really test a Popup camper out to see if it works for you. You get a really great option with these campers because they can be rented for one-time trips but can also be purchased at relatively low costs.

You will discover that most of the makes and models are fairly inexpensive. For the used market they can be found under $2,000 dollars and be in serviceable shape. Shopping the new market, depending on size and options from $4,000 to under $15,000 dollars most camper trailers of the Popup variety will fall into this category. The (Popup campers) you will find called tent campers because the popup part of the camper is a tent.

Looking to get your feet wet! The perfect solution for families and camping enthusiasts is to try one out. It is possible to rent one the average prices range from $55 to $90 dollars a day or in the neighborhood of $65 to $85 dollars a week. This option is a very affordable way to try one out before you buy.

Towing a tent camper or Popup is not really that difficult. Some will have problems backing up that can be overcome with a little practice and just backing slowly. The other important factor is your vehicle towing capacity. The only other thing you will need is the towing hitch and trailer light hookup for taillights. Most do not have brakes if they do, they are the surge brake variety meaning they activate automatically no hookup required.

Many love the low profile of the Popup camper because it does not obstruct your rear view. They are very comfortable and the accommodations are much more secure than just a tent. A tent provides very minimal shelter but this type of camper includes comfortable beds extra protection for the elements and warmth. Most of these campers will provide at least 2 sleeping areas. One for mom and dad and another for the kids so each can get undisturbed sleep and some privacy.

The tent campers or Popup campers include lots of options not found with just a tent. They include refrigeration, dining areas, cooking options and room for storage. Other options are outdoor showers barbecues the make them quite comfortable and convenient.

For your questions about the setup you will find it is all very easy to take care of. The most difficult will be maneuvering into position to set it up. Once in position the camper is unhitched and must be cranked up by hand some may have motorized cranks saving you the work. Set up and secured slide-out areas for sleeping leveled with stabilizers you are all set within minutes. The stabilizers keep the camper level and balanced with people inside and keep it from tipping from one side to another.

The whole process should take less than an hour complete set up and making the beds in most cases. You can save some of this time with the more expensive RVs but let’s face it we all are not able to spend the extra. But we are sure to have as much or more fun for sure.

Camping enthusiast or just venturing out for the first time a Popup campers are a terrific way to enjoy the outdoors. Keep your gear safe while canoeing, nature walks or fishing with carp fishing baits for your free time. Then return to a cozy place to eat, sleep and relax without hassles. Here are some campers to help you get some ideas for your camping fun.

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