Outdoor Survival Clothing Guidance


Even if you buy one of these heavy-duty new RVs for sale, you definitely can’t get all the fun indoor. So you want to get all the outdoor fun whilst staying safe. Though you might have taken spare clothes and jackets along with you during hikes, to manage the night time you need to know about the survival clothing. Many people think that they have packed all the gears needed and camping first aid for camping emergencies but actually not.

Most of the people have neared death and even few died. They do not think about what will happen during night time in hiking and outdoor emergencies. They may get lost in the forest or their clothes can get wet by the stream water or they may spend night time unfortunately.

Once coming downhill from Mount Whitney I saw few young men planning to go up the mountain just wearing T-shirts without any gears and camping first aid. It would be definitely suns set when they go high and it will be night while returning. How can they survive the night there? If you know details about quick survival wears and camping first aid then it will help you a lot.

How To Make Survival Clothing Quickly?

Survival clothing are those that are made according to the situation. Some of the survival clothing is;

  • During camping emergencies, if you contain a jacket then remove your shirt and use it as hat for your head because the head produces more heat and it should not be wasted.

  • Then fill the jacket with cattail seed heads which act as good insulation. Insulation is a very important concept in survival.

  • At the time of outdoor emergencies you can fill sweater, shirt, pants or jackets with dry milkweed, bracken ferns, and dry leaves or things that makes more “dead air space”. Though this produce itching which is much better than freezing.

  • Use the cattail plant and weave it as vest. This is used as blocks and protects you from rain and wind.

  • Fill bread bags with silky plants fibers like milkweed down and use it as mittens while camping emergencies. You can fill plastic bags with the same stuff and use it as hat.

  • Use garbage bag as rain coat. Even tightly tie the grasses together along strips of fabric and use as a drape around your shoulders, which will protect you from little rain.

  • If you enclose a sleeping bag use it like a coat and socks as mittens and garage bag as snow pants.

  • If you camp in a dessert then use big leaves and prepare hat, you can even use palm leaf as fan. Join few leave and wrap it around the shoulder to get prevention from sunburn.

Knowing about some survival clothing you can save life and also be comfortable at the time of outdoor emergencies.

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