How to Make the Most of Your Car Tires?

The tires are the most beat-up parts of the vehicle, as they often get damaged faster and easier due to many circumstances. One of those circumstances is that they are always in contact with the surface, which can be rough, uneven, or rocky, so avoiding damages to the tires can be quite … Read more

Should You Consider a Wheelchair Conversion Van?

disabled sign in a parking lot

Having a car is convenient for most of us, but there are some that can’t really enjoy and use its benefits. The few that couldn’t get convenience out of vehicles are the elderly and the disabled that are sitting in wheelchairs. While it is easy for a few people to carry a … Read more

Choose the Best Tires for Your Car

tire tread pattern

Car tires are fairly easy to buy, as there are thousands of different brands and models of tires for you to choose from in just one auto parts store. However, choosing the best and most suitable tires for your car is challenging, as you would need to know the intricacies of your … Read more

History of the First Generation Ford Mustang

1965 Mustang with silver stripes

If there is one iconic vehicle that many car enthusiasts would recognize from afar, that car would be the Ford Mustang. The Ford Mustang, also known as the Ford T5, is a series of American vehicles that the Ford Motor Company began manufacturing in March 1964. Because of the widespread popularity of … Read more

History of the McLaren F1

McLaren logo

There have been numerous popular sports cars that have been manufactured by different car companies throughout the years, but no sports car is as iconic as the McLaren F1, a revolutionary vehicle in terms of design and features. The McLaren F1 was originally designed by Gordon Murray, an African-born British designer that … Read more

The Benefits of Upgrading Your Car Suspension

car suspension system

A car consists of complex parts that are mostly durable and reliable. However, there are instances where you will need to upgrade some of those parts, especially if they are broken or don’t work the same anymore. One of the most vital car parts that often need upgrades is the suspension, which … Read more

Ultimate Guide to the Major Components of a Car

An engine of a car.

Cars are engineering marvels with many different complex components working in synchronization to deliver the performance that you require. Because of the increasingly rapid change in technology and complexity, most of the drivers are not aware about their car’s major components. But given the fact that millions of drivers are rescued by … Read more

History of the Porsche 911 2.7 RS

Porsche 911 RS in yellow

The Porsche 911 is highly regarded as one of the best models that Porsche has ever made, as it is widely popular and is very successful in terms of sales and wins in championship races. While there have been many different iterations of the 911 that have been produced over the years, … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Buying a Car

A car dealership 

Everyone loves to own a car and buying one is quite an important decision. This purchase will have an effect on your daily life for years, maybe even decades to come. So, it is vital to make the right purchase decision to ensure that you don’t regret it afterward. The process of … Read more

Should You Buy a Muscle Car

Shelby muscle car

When you hear the word muscle car, you get a description of American high-performance vehicles. Some define it as an intermediate-sized car having a large displacement engine such as a V8 engine. These wide and strong body vehicles with rear-wheel drive have been known for more than a decade. Also, the muscle … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Electric Cars

A grey electric car being charged at a charging station.

Electric cars are all the hype nowadays. This hype, however, is not groundless given the countless number of benefits these electric cars these offer. One of the many attractive benefits of these electric cars is their environmental sustainability, no maintenance, and the autopilot features. In 2020, global sales of electric vehicles increased … Read more

Popular Car Models That Are Now Discontinued

BMW i8 taillight

Over the time, the taste of people in automobile design has changed. The vehicles that were loved by people are no longer in production. Death is inevitable and so it is in the case of the automobile industry. Some vehicles like Hummer are not seen on road anymore as it was during … Read more

The Most Iconic General Motors Cars

The Most Iconic General Motors Cars

One of the largest automakers in the world, General Motors has been manufacturing vehicles since 1908. The company found by two purveyors of horse-drawn carriage manufacturers in Flint, Michigan was able to acquire different auto brands. The result of acquisitions was not good for the company and two years later, the company … Read more

What Happens When You Don’t Wash Your Car

Toyota Rav4 covered in mud

Washing your car on regular basis does not only help in keeping the aesthetics of the car but also to maintain the value of the car. Average people don’t bother to take care of their car, especially washing their car. If you don’t wash your car on regular basis, then you are … Read more

What Happens If You Ignore Your Bad Brakes

Worried woman sitting near broken car at the roadside

Some tend to keep their heads buried in the sand. This philosophy is not good when you own a vehicle. Some people tend to avoid the noises or faults in their cars and get it fixed or replaced when it is broken. In the braking case, you cannot procrastinate to get them … Read more

Facts About American Muscle Cars

America loves speed and when you hear muscle cars, you think of large vehicles. However, they are not as huge as they sound to be. Muscular car is a term that describes the vehicle as a high-performance vehicle. They are rear-wheel-drive vehicles with torque-rich V8 engines. From the 1960s to the 1970s, … Read more

History Of The Trans Am Series

ars of different make on the race track

Trans Am Series was founded by the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) in 1966. It was founded by the president of SCCA John Bishop. It is originally known as Trans American Sedan Championship. Later on, the name was changed to Trans American Championship in 1967. The series competes on different race … Read more

How to Avoid Buying a Lemon Car

Buyer and seller making a deal of car

Buying a new car can be a fun or exciting thing to do. When you start looking for a car, you look for the options that fall in your budget. Also, you look for the best car that you can use for the upcoming 5 to 7 years. So, you must be … Read more

Interesting Facts About Rolls Royce

Brown leather Rolls-Royce car seats

When you hear Rolls-Royce’s word, you think of an expensive, luxurious, and elite car in the world. One cannot deny the fact that Rolls-Royce has been manufacturing luxurious cars for more than a century. Starting with a 10hp vehicle, in no time, the brand got a reputation as a luxury car manufacturer.  … Read more

The Most Iconic Cars in Automobile History

Rows of BMW cars in a car museum.

The world is full of brilliant cars, but few attain the honour of being called an iconic car. It is hard to define the word iconic, but we generally mean an iconic car would be one that would stand out from the rest, one that changes the industry forever, one that simply … Read more

Tips for Cleaning Car’s Interior of Different Materials

A clean interior of a car

Detailing or cleaning the car is a luxury treatment for your car. Cleaning your car’s interior is worth the time and money. It helps you to keep or maintain the value of your car. If you go on long trips more than often, then you might be having trash of wrappers or … Read more

Wheelchair Vans and Regular Vans: What’s the difference?

Photo of a man leaning on a white van

Regular vans come in many shapes and sizes, depending upon the need of the consumers, and it comes with the additional flexibility of being modified according to the requirements. These vans serve various purposes apart from being used as a means of transportation for personal use by families.  So to make the … Read more

What Do We Get From a General Motors Vehicle

Black Escalade on the mountain road

General Motors, headquartered in Detroit, Michigan was founded by William C. Durant in 1908. At the current time, it is not only the largest automobile manufacturer in America but also in the world. General Motors provides its customers with a premium Hatchback, Sedan, SUV, Trucks, etc. General Motors’ main goal is to … Read more

Why Do Racecar Drivers Have to Undergo Fitness Training

Why Do Racecar Drivers Have to Undergo Fitness Training

During a race, the drivers are not just sitting in a car and racing. It seems easy but in reality, it is not. The racecar drivers have to fight the G-forces at 200 mph under 130 to 160 degrees heat. This condition is in summer times or south. But the racecar driver … Read more

How Often Should You Replace The Brake Pads

Mechanic checking brake pads

The brakes are one of the essential systems in the car. Without brakes, you cannot stop a moving car. This is the reason that most accidents happen on the road because of brake failure. The braking system works on braking pads and rotors. The brake pads usually last around 40,000 miles on … Read more

Best Cars for Seniors

Choosing the best car for seniors can depend on their needs and preferences. Some seniors want to have a vehicle that is small or compact and has a great fuel average. On the other hand, some adults want a rugged vehicle so that they can travel easily in extreme weather conditions. In … Read more

Can Electric Cars Replace the Gas Guzzlers

A signboard of the electric vehicle only

The arrival of electric cars made it look like to escape the dependence on fossil fuels. People switched to electric cars to save their money and to go green. Electric cars are an environmentally and friendly source of transportation. However, the higher cost and poor battery performance have stopped people to switch … Read more

Firebird Facts Every Car Enthusiast Should Know

Second, Third and Fourth Generations of Pontiac Firebird

Pontiac Firebird an American automobile was introduced in 1967. It has been produced and built till 2002 model years. Initially, it was designed as a pony car to compete with the Ford Mustang. During this period, GM’s Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mercury Cougar were also introduced to the public. Also, the first … Read more