What Is a Topside Creeper?

Caucasian Car Mechanic on a Creeper Performing Vehicle Repair Inside Authorized Auto Service Station.

Working on a vehicle and reaching the most difficult part can be frustrating. Parts of a vehicle, such as a truck, are difficult to reach. Every automotive or garage industry requires a topside creeper, which enables them to work without the support of a wall to alleviate this issue. The topside creeper … Read more

What Is a Tire Step?

the truck driver entering the truck through a tire step

When you own a vehicle that you can take anywhere, you gain access to many things that public transportation cannot. Having your vehicle, however, comes with a lot of responsibility. To keep it in top condition, you should use a car maintenance checklist. Equipping your car with accessories is one way to … Read more

What Is a Tite-Reach Tool?

a man repairing a machine using an extension wrench

Poor artisans may blame their tools, but try telling that to the man whose blowtorch-and-vise grip shenanigans resulted in another snapped-off bolt. The proper tool can mean the difference between satisfying frustration and doing work. Consider your most recent large project in the garage. Was it a new suspension, an engine swap, … Read more

What Are the Most Famous Classic British Sports Cars?

a pakred Austin Healey 'Frogeye' Sprite

The debate over which country made the best classic cars (pre-1970) is heated. Whether you believe Italy, Japan, Germany, England, the United States, or France produced the best vintage sports cars, England unquestionably offers some of the best classic sports cars ever made in build quality, innovative features, styling, and performance. The … Read more

How to Paint Rims: Make Old Wheels Look Like New?

How to Paint Rims Make Old Wheels Look Like New

Would you like to change the look of your car’s old wheels? Painting rims can be the best option. In addition, it will add a new style to your favorite car. But you have to do it in the right way. When it comes to painting rims, the maximum number of car … Read more

What is the Purpose of Transmission Fluid?

Hand pouring transmission fluid

There are a lot of car parts that people don’t know about. Most car owners only think about one car component when they need to fill it up is transmission fluid. Transmission fluid is also called automatic transmission fluid, ATF, or gear oil. Transmission fluid serves many purposes in the car’s transmission … Read more