Top Amphibious Cars

Top Amphibious Cars

If there are amphibians in the animal kingdom, there are also amphibians in the automotive world. Cars that do more than run on the road are a very cool thing to have. Thank the inventors during World War II for making cars that can swim. During the 60s, the creation of amphibian … Read more

Oldest Car Models That Are Still In Production

There are some questions about the oldest car models that are still in production up to the present. Chevy enthusiasts think it’s the Corvette, which has been around since 1953. Yet, there’s the Ford F Series that exists since 1948. Then, there’s the Chevy Suburban, the car with the longest-running nameplate. They’ve … Read more

The History of the Classic British Sports Car

British sports cars are the forerunners in the sports car scene – they brought the sports car fever in the United States. Although the British sports car came of age globally during the years after World War II, they laid down the road to success during the 1920s to 1930s when the … Read more

Greatest Car Chases in Movie History

Most people today have watched and enjoyed the thrill of movie car chases from the Fast and Furious franchise. The brilliant effects and breathtaking stunts successfully got fans hooked, making it Universal Picture’s biggest franchise of all time. It took the car chase to the next level, but these action films of … Read more

Famous Songs Inspired by Driving and Cars

There are only a few pleasures in life better than cruising down a long stretch of highway on a beautiful day, with windows open and good music blasting. As the wind blows through our hair as we sing along, sometimes we daydream we’re in some sort of a music video of life. … Read more

Iconic Cars of the 2000s

The beginning of the new millennium isn’t a long way back, but cars produced that era are old enough to be judged based on their performance and significance. Here are some of the most iconic and memorable cars born in the 2000s. 1. Ford GT The Ford GT was built to resemble … Read more

Iconic Cars of the 90s

The 1970s and 1980s were a depressing era for automobiles. Most of their designs were boxy and edgy, and the performance was mostly awful. Drivers often encounter engine problems with their 70s or 80s cars, and no one drove a fast car, except those who could afford a Ferrari and Lamborghini. The … Read more

Iconic Cars of the 70s

Many say that the 1970s are an era of mediocrity especially in the area of automobile production. Because of the oil crisis of 1973, stringent emissions and fuel economy regulations, plus a stagnant economy, the car industry’s struggle was real. Smaller and more fuel-efficient cars from Japan flocked over the American market. … Read more

Iconic Cars of the 60s

The 1960s is the era filled with monumental, social, political and cultural changes and upheavals. It is also the decade where some of the greatest and most influential music, movies, art, and fashion came together. Of course, you cannot recall the 1960s without remembering some of the world’s best-looking and most iconic … Read more

American Made Cars That Are Popular Internationally

America has shipped millions of cars overseas, but not all of them are popular in the country. Meanwhile, many American-made cars do not always carry an American brand. To clarify, “American-made” does not always equate to having an American brand. Because of globalization, the “made in America” label in cars became trickier. … Read more

Most Memorable Movie Cars

Cars chase and racing scenes in movies are always thrilling to watch! For car lovers, the cars are just as important as the actors in the movie. There are lots of memorable cars in the film, but get on the top of the list, the vehicle must have to influence, at least, … Read more

Car Theft: What You Need to Know and How to Prevent It

You worked hard to own a car and of course, you won’t like it if someone would just steal it away. You need to protect your auto the right way to prevent potential theft. The FBI Uniform Crime Report for 2015 stated that there was a 1% rise in car theft all … Read more

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