Parts, Uses, and Advantages of a Boom Truck


The use of boom trucks has been in high demand nowadays. Many construction sites require large vehicles that could do all the heavy lifting for the workers. Trucks are used for residential as well as commercial purposes. Most businesses or homeowners prefer renting trucks, especially if they don’t need to use them constantly. But some business employers prefer purchasing their trucks, especially if their line of work is related to buildings and construction.

What exactly is a boom truck?

It is one of the most important equipment and a vehicle in a construction job. It has three main components and various functions, making it more unique and more preferable to other types of trucks. The first part is a hydraulic crane, making it easier for construction workers to lift heavy materials from lower ground to higher. A boom truck also has a flatbed which functions as an area for storing items and transporting them to another location. The third component of the truck is a personnel hoist. It is very useful for construction workers because they can use it to lift themselves and reach higher areas and different angles in the construction site. The truck is very versatile and multi-functional that ensures the ease and safety of working in construction.

Uses of boom trucks

  • Infrastructure construction: Some houses and buildings are quite huge, making it difficult for workers to use traditional ladders to reach high areas. Using boom trucks would allow them to transport materials more safely and conveniently. It is more stable and can reach higher elevations. It avoids the hassle of going up and down the ladder.
  • Forestry: Trees are very important in any construction. They are the sources of wood that are used as the framework for a strong infrastructure. Cut trees are very large and heavy, and workers alone cannot lift them. Thus, a boom truck allows them to lift and transport the wood from the forest to another site. But remember, if you cut trees, it is also important to replace them by reforestation. You must always return any resources you get from nature because it is necessary to maintain equilibrium in the amount of demand and supplies circulating on the planet.
  • House cleaning: Having a big house is a privilege and a sign that you live the best of your life, but it can also become a struggle when it is time to conduct cleaning and maintenance. Sure, you can easily clean the interior second floor of your house. But what about the higher exterior part? How would you reach and wipe your windows and walls if you don’t have the right equipment to help you do the work?

Should you rent or buy a boom truck?

It is up to you whether you want to own a truck or you only need it occasionally. If you think that you would need to use a truck for any reason, it would be best to purchase one. It would be a good investment and eliminate your trouble of working in more difficult areas. However, if you only need it for rare occasions, renting is the better option. It also has some advantages, like eliminating maintenance dilemmas and saving more funds.


Boom trucks are essential in any construction work. Generally, they function as your help in lifting and transporting heavy materials and even a person. They allow you to work with more safety and efficiency. Parts of a boom truck include the hydraulic crane, flatbed, and personnel hoist. It is a unique type of vehicle used for various purposes, such as constructing buildings, cutting down trees, and cleaning tall houses.

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