Pimp My Garage: 10 Automotive Tools Every Serious Car Guy Needs to Have


Do you love working on cars? Want to make it more than a hobby or treat yourself to new automotive tools? Learn the must-haves for serious mechanics.

Are you a new or seasoned mechanic, looking to outfit your workshop with the right automotive tools for any job? In this industry, the tools you use can make or break the quality of your workmanship. So it’s important to come prepared.

Join us, as we bring you ten of the most important tools to put into your workshop, today!

Impact Wrench

Found in the car tool kit boxes of mechanics the world over, the humble impact wrench is invaluable for loosening lug nuts. Not only that, but modern wrenches have the capacity to loosen a lug tightened to approximately 100 feet of torque. So get out there and live love wrench, the right way.

Flex-Head Ratchet

A flex-head ratchet features a ratcheting system that pivots up or down, for improved access to the darkest corners of your car’s insides. Unlike traditional ratchets, the ratcheting mechanism on these garage tools can be used exactly where you need it.

Ratchet Extender

If the name of the mechanic tools game is getting better access to harder-to-reach things, the extender is the MVP. Attach it to your ratchet for a longer reach and there’s nowhere you can’t get to.

Hood Light

Hood work lights have been specifically designed for improved access to your engine bay in low-light. They’re also a great way to free up your hands, letting you work freely without having to hold up a light at any point.

With a good set of automotive lift installers and some creative placing, you could use your hood light to see literally any part of a car you want.

Spark Plug Pliers

Traditionalist mechanics may prefer pulling spark plugs by hand, but there are some great benefits to spark plug boot pliers. They reach where fingers just won’t, don’t burn as easily, and give you measurably more leverage.  That way when you are replacing a spark plug for 5.4 triton or any other engine you will not have any issues.

High Torque Pneumatic Wrench

Car tools don’t come more useful than a high torque pneumatic wrench. While this might seem like an intimidating buy for a new or hobbyist mechanic, you can actually pick up an inexpensive one for less than $100. Tighten and free up rusted bolts with a quick pass on the trigger, easy as pie.

Flexible Funnel

For oil changes, a formable funnel is irreplaceable. Made from flexible plastic and durable plastic piping, this helps to funnel oil right to where it’s going, every time. And the great part is, it’s a perfect tool for use around the house, as well.

Vacuum Pump

One of the biggest benefits of a vacuum pump in your workshop is in helping to clean and prevent oil and dangerous liquid spills. With less time spent on this task, you can free yourself up to be able to do more and at a better standard of quality. You can order genuine and high-quality vacuums for the lowest price at Busch Vacuum.

Screw Pitch Gauge

Also known as a thread gauge, a screw gauge measures a screw thread’s pitch or lead. These mechanical tools are used as a reference tool for determining the pitch of a screw’s thread.

Nut Splitter

This tool is great for mechanics who constantly find themselves butting up against old, rusted bolts that won’t budge. Simply twist the screw to force a splitting tooth into the offending bold and twist for maximum torque. Easy as pie.

Get the Right Automotive Tools for the Job

It’s like the old boy scout saying goes: “Be prepared”. With the right selection of automotive tools in your corner, you’re well on your way to being the best auto mechanic you can be.  You should also check out beaststools.com for great options.

Looking for more great automotive content? Check out the rest of our awesome blog content, today!

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