Pimping Out Your Ride: External Upgrades To Make Your Car Look Cooler


Why don’t you take a step back and reminisce back to the times you played all of those racing games where you saw all of those tricked-out cars? Those tricked-out cars were what probably brought you into the world of custom car mods! Or maybe it was even that MTV show with Xzibit that showed multiple mechanics making a crummy car into something way more impressive than what it first was.

It’s probably safe to say that if you’ve taken an interest in modding out your car, you’ve probably been a bonafide tinkerer since your childhood, right? However, you might have been intimidated by all of the different intricacies and vast knowledge you probably lack, which is why this article is here to help you, or at least where to start with your upgrades!

Try Upgrading Your Headlights

There’s another way to (quite literally) “shine” outside in the realm of the asphalt – which is your headlights! Having those brighter led headlights may have helped other drivers on the road be convinced that your car is of the higher end, or at least they would know your car is tricked-out a little. First things first, Led conversion kits are something you’ll need for this modification.

Once you’ve fitted in your brighter, much shinier led headlights, you can consider adding some different tints to them. Hence, you have a little extra flair in appearance – more so when it’s daytime and your headlights don’t have much of a use. You’ll need to consider that since they will be tinted, the headlight won’t be as bright as you think they would be.

Try Adding An Underglow Light

Sticking to the theme of adding lights to your car, try considering adding neon lights under the perimeter of your car. As long as the colors fit the overall color scheme you’re going for; then no one would disagree with this mod! You can add this modification to your car that would still make your car look flashier but still lowkey enough.

Who wouldn’t see a car with an underglow and immediately think that a modification like that is pretty cool? You would have to be wary of the brightness and abundance of the underglow lights you put on. People may be too drawn into those underglow lights rather than the actual important lights – the signal lights.

Try Upgrading Your Tires

Sure it might be an expensive and rather unnecessary thing to upgrade. Still, it’s an instant upgrade that would make your driving experience much better and make your car much more reliable. You still might be skeptical about this upgrade since you probably won’t need this in the first place. Maybe try saving it up until later when you need it.

The tires are one of the more underlooked essentials of a car. Better tires mean you can have better traction. Better traction means you can have cleaner turns. Better traction means better acceleration. Better traction also means you can slow down much quicker. This upgrade will probably be the least of your concerns, but it’s still a great one to consider.

Seek Out Some Body Kits

These upgrades are probably the first thing someone would think of when adding something to their car to make it look cooler – yeah, you’re not the only one. This upgrade is a quick way to get some better aerodynamics and an overall, cooler-looking car. However, don’t be too convinced that adding a bunch of superglue to large pieces of plastic to the side of your car would change a lot for you.

So much like with the underglow lights that you can add, you’re going to think over the function over the style – or vice versa. Though undoubtedly, adding a bunch of body kits to your car will open your creativity up with all of the color matching possibilities, you’re still going to have a hard time matching the paint from your car, and the kits match each other.

Getting A Huge Spoiler

Not the kind that would ruin the ending of a movie for everyone else, but the one that you add at the back-end of your car for aerodynamics. This is the one upgraded that works its hardest to keep your car grounded at high speeds. Stop to think if your car would look better with or without the spoiler. You wouldn’t want to spend extra on something that would look out of place.

Though spoilers can help you stay grounded, they would make your car a little slower because of the drag that they add to the car. You’ll also need to think about how having that spoiler blocks a massive portion of your vision through your rear-view mirror.


These are just some of the external upgrades you can make to your car to make your car look much cooler overall. You’re going for more of the Fast and Furious aesthetic rather than the strength and performance that those cars go through. Again, if you’re thinking about performance upgrades, then search for engine upgrades! This is all about aesthetics!

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