Piston Rings: The Best Time To Replace Them


A car engine usually has a variety of parts, and piston rings are some of the useful components that are set to be precise with the cylinder. Piston rings are designed to regulate the oil pressure, transfer heat from a piston to a cylinder, maintain gas compression, and keep the piston from hitting the cylinder wall.

In most cases, the problem with a vehicle engine can happen when the o-rings are worn out. This is the reason why you need to know the piston ring replacement cost so that you can replace piston rings to prevent engine-related issues. This page discusses the best time to replace the piston rings.

Understanding The Piston Rings

Piston rings are designed to close the pistons inside the cylinders. They have a metal ring shape and are put in special grooves on the outer part of each piston. You can find different types of piston rings. One of these types is the sealing rings which are also called compression rings and are fitted near the piston bottom.

Sealing rings can seal the combustion chamber to prevent the spent gas from penetrating it. Scrapper or sealing rings have compression rings. This brings further combustion chamber sealing to prevent oil from being taken out of the crankcase, which can get into the combustion chamber when there is a combustion stroke.

It’s also worth noting that scraper rings are fitted just under the other two rings. In this way, they can remove the oil film from the cylinder walls when the piston moves downward. The grooves on the rings allow them to drip off the excess oil they scrapped off the cylinder walls.

Keep in mind that you need to remove the pistons to replace piston rings. Therefore, you can remove the cylinder head from the engine block and the sump. After you unscrew the connecting rod ends, you can remove the pistons and the connecting rods from the top via the cylinder openings.

The Signs That Indicate You Need To Replace The Piston Rings

You should remember that piston rings tend to handle a lot of pressure, but they can eventually begin to depreciate over time. A lot of exhaust smoke from the engine can be a good sign that the piston rings have gone bad. Therefore, you need to check the smoke, especially when the color looks white or gray. The engine oil leakage into the combustion chamber can create thick gray or white smoke.

Likewise, when there is an oil leak into the combustion chamber, it causes a car to begin using too much oil. Therefore, instead of putting oil after specific miles, you may be forced to add extra oil regularly to your car. In such cases, you need to contact professionals to inspect your car.

Lastly, a vehicle engine can begin losing power because there are worn out or damaged piston rings. Because there can be a shortage of compression, the engine may lose power. Simply put, your car can take more time to gain enough speed because of bad piston rings.


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