Popular Car Models That Are Now Discontinued


Over the time, the taste of people in automobile design has changed. The vehicles that were loved by people are no longer in production. Death is inevitable and so it is in the case of the automobile industry. Some vehicles like Hummer are not seen on road anymore as it was during the production period. 

Cars don’t die but they fade out from the automotive industry. Also, some cars die out to be reborn. This year some cars will be discontinued and new variants will replace them. It depends if discontinuing a small economy car will be replaced by the better economy vehicles. 

Discontinued Cars in 2021

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

Just because a vehicle is delicious does not mean that it will find a long-lasting market to support the production and sales. In this case, Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is unlike anything on the American market. The mid-engine configuration can only be seen on exotic supercars. It is not for the small cars that are powered with turbocharged 1.7L 4-cylinder engines. 

With 237 horsepower and a carbon fiber monocoque chassis, the 4C spider was able to do amazing things. As for the current year, the company announced the discontinuation of 4C Spider production in the United States. Now will it be reborn or replaced by a new model is an open question among the Americans. 

Acura RLX 

The Acura RLX is a high-tech luxury sedan never seemed to find its rhythm in the United States. It offered a 3.5L V6 engine with the choice of front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. It is not just a run-of-the-mill, all-wheel-drive variant but also the famous Sport Hybrid Super Handling (SH-AWD) all-wheel-drive Acura. 

The front-wheel-drive RLX offered 4-wheel steering. It was an absolute rarity and a godsend for its overall handling. The Sport Hybrid version of this model was having three electric motors for competition in the electric vehicle industry. Despite all the technology offered by Acura through RLX failed with the shrinking end of the luxury sedan market. 

BMW i8

g. The highly styled body of i8 filled with carbon fiber was one of the most radical productions of the million-dollar exotic segment. To your surprise, BMW has announced the discontinuity of its i8 hybrid plug-in models. The 2020 i8 Ultimate Sophisto edition will be the last model of the BMW i8 series. 

The coupe and convertible, the terminal models of the i8 series featured 369 horsepower. Also, the aluminum chassis, carbon fiber reinforced plastic interior, and all-wheel drive features combined with electric motors have come to an end. Now if the i8 series will be replaced by another series of models is a big question. 

Honda Civic Coupe

If you remember the time when two-door cars like the sleek Honda Civic Coupe were in high demand has come to an end. The Civic Coupe was popular among all kinds of drivers because of its low purchase price. Also, it was a high-fun to drive and had a low cost of ownership. Talking about the design and shape of the car, it was one of the good-looking vehicles by Honda. 

Nowadays, four-door cars are offering great shape, design, style, and performance. Also, the two-door variants or models are considered inconvenient vehicles. Thus, the Civic Coupe will hit the bottom of the range in 2021, while four-door Civic models will continue for production.

BMW M8 Coupe and Convertible

Coupes and convertibles are harder to sell when everyone is looking for an SUV. So, it looks like the BMW M8 Coupé and M8 Convertible might have been one-shot, high-performance, and high-dollar versions of a premium vehicle segment. At the time of launching, they might have landed in the United States automotive industry with a thud. 

Taken from the 2021 lineup, the different vehicles, variants, and models are facing an uncertain future. However, the M8 Gran Coupe, a 4-door sedan is still being produced by the company. But the standard 8-series’ production has not been ceased yet. 

Cadillac CT6

The Cadillac CT6, a luxurious and sizable sedan was one of a kind by Cadillac. It was launched as a brand’s revised naming strategy. This first rear-wheel drive and the full-size sedan were launched after the discontinuation of Fleetwood in 1996. It did not succeed in the automotive industry as it should have been. The lower models are powered by a 3.6L V6 engine having a 10-speed automatic transmission. 

The Platinum and V-series models are having impressive Cadillac 4.2-L twin-turbo V8 engines. In the CT6-V, the engine was having a horsepower of 550. The last models of the CT6 are all-wheel drives. Also, the Cadillac’s Super Cruise, a semi-autonomous driver assistance technology is available on Premium Luxury and Platinum models. The discontinuation of Cadillac’s CT6 raises questions if it will be reincarnated in the General Motors’ Electric Vehicle Plan.

Buick Regal

The Buick Regal has long been a staple in the brand’s mid-range lineup. The most recent version of the car launched by Buick was the Sports hatchback model named TourX. The design of the vehicle was done by Opel when it was owned by General Motors. The TourX model was launched to compete against the Audi A4 Allroad, BMW 3 Series Wagon, Volvo V60 Cross Country, etc. 

The conspiration to end the Regal’s production was due to the sale of Opel to PSA Groupe. Also, it was due to the reason that demand for passenger cars in the United States had collapsed. Buick Regal with a 4-cylinder engine, all-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, 3.6L V6 engine with 310 horsepower has come to an end. 

Chevrolet Impala

Chevrolet Impala has been a full-size passenger car by Chevrolet since 1958. It is one of the flagship passenger cars and has been the better-selling American-made automobile in the United States. The Impala has delivered the same as its predecessors, a lot of cars for the money. But the formula did not work well in the age of crossover SUVs as it did in the 60s and 70s. 

Chevrolet Impala, an attractive sedan offers plenty of interior space and above-average acceleration. The base 2.5L 4-cylinder engine with 200 horsepower was a powerful full-size sedan option for the customers. On the other hand, for more power, a 3.6L V6 variant with 305 horsepower was a wiser choice. 

Impala is having all modern amenities such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay with a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot. The discontinuity assures that it might reborn after some years just as its predecessors.  If you are restoring an Impala, you can find 1969 Impala parts at a number of online retailers that reproduce the original ones.

Dodge Grand Caravan

The Dodge Caravan debuted at the 2007 North American International Auto Show with exterior styling by Ralph Gilles has come to an end. The Dodge Caravan has been credit as the world’s first minivan. The front-wheel-drive box on the chassis of a car was a symbol of innovation. The driver’s side passenger door and Swivel ‘n Go seating were the famous features of Grand Caravan. 

In 2017, after five generations of Dodge minivans, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles launched Chrysler Pacifica. As a budge game, the FCA kept the old Dodge Grand Caravan in the market. But even the budget buyers are having standards. As a result, the Grand Caravan has come to an end in its production. 

Kia Cadenza

You may have heard that people don’t buy Cadenza anymore. It is right because a full-size car like Kia Cadenza does not offer much cargo and passenger space. Also, the performance of Cadenza is not competitive with its cheaper and mid-size cars. As a result, the car is priced several thousand dollars. It is more than the popular, practical, and appealing car such as Kia Stinger. Hence, the company has ended the production of Kia Cadenza in 2021.

Discontinued Cars – Left for A Reason

Some cars that you have been seeing on the roads are no longer in production by different companies. The main reason behind the discontinuation of the various vehicles is due to buying behavior of the customers. Nowadays, people tend to buy a four-door car with more passenger and cargo space and more performance. 

The oldest car models that are still in production like Morgan 4/4 still enjoy the production. On the other hand, the automotive has now a trend of short lifespans of vehicles. They come and go. With advancing technology, the demands and buying behavior of customers has changed which makes the car meet its end. 

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