Porsche Sellers Guide

Buying a pre-loved Porsche can be a significantly successful investment. When the time comes and you think to yourself – it’s time to sell my Porsche, it can be tough to understand when the best time to sell your car is, because the market is variable most of the time. Is essential that you know how pricing and valuations work in the used Porsche market and how supply and demand dominate this exciting market.

What is it like to sell a Porsche in this market?

The current pre-loved Porsche Market can be extremely versatile, which is the reason you should read this article to understand the best time to sell your car. For example, when the supply of your Porsche type is high and the demand is low, this is not a great time to sell your car. There will be many Porsches of your type around the world and not many people will want to buy them, so if you were successful in making a sale, you wouldn’t make the maximum amount of money that you could potentially have.

However, if demand is high and the supply is low, this is a great time to sell your car. Many people across the world will be very desperate for your Porsche, but the supply will be low, meaning there is more value in your car to sell for a much higher price.

How do I sell my car?

Buyers such as our business have a website that allows you to enter your registration and mileage, where team members can offer you a guaranteed price, discarding broker fees and delays! Making selling your car like a dream. These websites provide an insight into what your car value will reward you in price, including:

  • The vehicle’s age
  • Mileage
  • Car specification
  • Rarity
  • Optional extras

Why should I get a car valuation?

Securing a valuation for a car is the next step when you are looking to sell your Porsche, it will gather information for you and the price will range depending on what condition your car is in, the value of similar vehicles, the colour, the features, the age & more. Your Porsche will sell faster when it is accurately priced, making the valuation a vital role. A fair price and including up-to-date information including vehicle history checks can ultimately spark confidence in potential buyers and help your Porsche gain recognition.

Auctions vs. Online buyers vs. Established dealerships

Auction services will offer you a ‘Maximum potential valuation’ which can be bidden on by those who are interested in your Porsche, but this maximum potential valuation is not assured at all. Private auctioning may also occur when they take a percentage of the sale that you intend, to advertise the vehicle overall.

Established dealerships are usually authorized to sell and service vehicles by certain companies, but it’s not guaranteed that they won’t be trying to make a profit from your sale, which is why they may offer you a lower price. However, online buyers, similarly to our service, will issue precise and guaranteed valuations in a specific time frame, helping you to be involved and in control of your sale.

Making sure you are staying up-to-date with the latest trends in the market

It is vital that if you want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the car/Porsche market you know how to. To ensure the effectiveness of selling your car in this dynamic market it is great to know when to sell and create a good background of knowledge of what the market currently looks like.

  • Research the current value of Porsches that are similar to yours, to ensure you are not competing with a low-demand car.
  • Sign up and subscribe to trusted websites to receive updates on cars in the same industry.
  • Apply knowledge and research to what buyers are looking for, what are potential buyers asking Google? Such as the ‘People also ask’ section.
  • Study your competitors, what are they applying to their strategy for selling their Porsche?
  • Prospecting potential customers, take a look at your target audiences.

In summary, it is important to understand the potential and willingness your buyer is going to take to successfully make your sale. As discussed, the market is ever-changing which is why we are here to help you guide through the best ways to stay up-to-date in aim to sell your Porsche the easiest way possible!