PPF vs. Ceramic Coating: Which Is Better?


There were over 280 million registered cars in the US as of 2020. Cars regularly get exposed to different elements such as bird droppings, acid rain, and even food and drinks so regular maintenance is vital if you want your bodywork to last.

A great way to protect your vehicle is by getting it wrapped. These protective layers can add a gloss or a matte finish to your car exterior. Wraps can even change the color of your vehicle.

Moreover, car coating or wrapping can be considered a significant investment for your car. Aside from the protection and unique look it gives, there are many benefits to getting your vehicle coated. For example, a good quality coating can make cleaning easier and faster. All you need to do is hose off any grime or dirt with mild soap and a water solution.

If you want to extend your vehicle’s lifespan, a car coating can be an excellent option as it protects against natural elements and chipping and fading. It can also help boost the resale value of your vehicle by giving it a fresh look.

That said, investing in a car coating or wrapping can be a great decision. However, there are different types of coating to consider for your vehicle. For instance, car wrapping with PPF wrap is an effortless way to customize your car but it’s not the only option; another is through ceramic coating.

Continue reading to learn more about PPF vs. ceramic coating.

PPF vs. Ceramic Coating: What’s the Difference?

Paint protection film or PPF wrap is a film that can go over any painted car surface. It is a thin and transparent screen like the screen covers people put on their phones. These self-healing films protect the car paint against stains and scratches.

Ceramic coatings fill the gaps and cracks on the car surface when applied. This protective liquid repels water and gives protection from scratches. It can even improve the appearance of the car by adding gloss.

Another benefit of ceramic coating is the worry-free detailing it gives. The ceramic coating helps repel hard water stains to leave fewer spots on the car.

Both of these coatings protect your vehicle from hazards like acid rain, smog, and snow. They both prevent your car paint from fading or oxidation. Both stop chemicals etch marks from the minerals present in water and acid rain.

Concerning durability, PPF offers a uniform coating, allowing it to maintain its bond and strength for approximately ten years. Meanwhile, ceramic coating, which depends on the strength of formed semi-permanent bonds, may last for five years.

Choosing Ceramic Coating vs. PPF

According to estimates, the average cost of owning a car is over $4,300. This number includes gas and motor oil expenses. Other vehicle-related prices include maintenance, replacement parts, and repairs.

Before choosing what coating is best for your vehicle, you need to compare your options. PPF and ceramic coatings differ in materials, look, and costs.

Ceramic coatings are easier to clean than PPF wrap because they repel water. However, PPF wraps can protect your car from scratches from the debris you may encounter on the road. Another thing to consider about PPF wraps is the change in color that occurs over time.

PPF wraps can come in a matte finish, and ceramic coatings offer long-lasting gloss. The PPF wrap cost varies depending on the size and model of the vehicle. The same principle applies to getting a ceramic coating to protect your vehicle.

If you scratch the PPF covering of your vehicle, you only need to replace the damaged panel. This is because PPF is removable. If you want to change your ceramic coating, you will need the help of a professional car detailer.

When choosing between PPF vs. ceramic coating, consider the level of protection. After all, protection against elements and the risk of damage is one of the reasons for getting your vehicle wrapped or coated.

Once you find the suitable material for your vehicle, it’s time to find the best coating service provider. For example, if you’ve decided to use ceramic coating, find an experienced and reliable professional to get the job done right.

To help you get started, you can seek word-of-mouth recommendations from family and friends who have worked with a car detailer before. However, if you find it hard to get a list of prospects through referrals, a quick search of ‘ceramic clear coat near me‘ on Google can help you upgrade your car exterior today.

Choose the Best Car Coating

You now know the difference between PPF vs. ceramic coating. Follow this guide to know which coating is best for your vehicle. Consider the protection and preservation benefits before choosing.

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