Preparing For A Camping Trip With Your Children

Going Camping With Your Kids

Have you ever thought about taking your kids on a camping trip? Maybe you have, but the stress of worrying about what to pack and what to do while you’re out in nature is enough to put you off going on a vacation completely. Well, going on a family vacation doesn’t have to be this difficult! In fact, going on a camping trip is one of the best things to do if you have children. 

First of all, you don’t have to worry about going on a long plane ride and keeping your kids quiet for at least six hours straight. Secondly, camping is budget-friendly. Other than camping ground fees, you don’t have to worry about other payments. This is especially so if you bring your own equipment and food. Last but not least, camping is a chance for your children to experience the outdoors. Nowadays, children are used to sitting in front of the television for hours on end. If your family is guilty of doing this, it’s high time you go on a camping trip. 

Embrace the outdoors and soak up some fresh air in the countryside — trust us, once you’ve gone camping once, you’re bound to go back for more. In this article, we’ve compiled tips for your next camping trip with the kids. We’ll cover everything from what you should pack to what you should do while you’re camping. Don’t forget to get big family-friendly tents at Keep reading to find out more!

1. Pack everything in clear tubs for each camping organization

When you’re out in nature, the last thing you want to do is to have to dig through your whole bag to find a shirt or a toothbrush. Not only will you have to spread extra time reorganising and repacking your things, everything you’ve taken out of your bag will probably get dirty as well. So, organising your equipment at home before you head off is extremely crucial. You can consider getting big plastic tubs that can be labelled and stacked. This way, you can simply load the containers into your car without having to pack bags. Once you’re at the campsite, just unload the containers or even leave them in the car for easy storage. It’s as simple as that! Consider packing your things in the following categories:

  • Food and snacks 
  • Utensils 
  • Laundry supplies
  • Toiletries 
  • Clothes
  • Sleeping bags and tents 
  • Toys 

2. Must have when camping with kids: A bath station 

If your campsite doesn’t have shower facilities, setting up a bath station is the first thing you should do when you get there. Wet wipes might suffice if your trip is no longer than two to three days. But, if your trip is longer than that, your kids are going to need an actual bath. You can bring along a small baby bath if you have young toddlers. Or, a plastic tub works well for older children. 

Chances are, you won’t have access to warm water if your campsite doesn’t have showering facilities. If your kids aren’t used to bathing in cold water, one tip is to fill the tub in the morning and place it out in the sun. When evening comes, the water will be warm enough to bathe in. Kids slept best when they’re clean and comfortable so setting up a bath station is something you definitely don’t want to miss out on! Also, make sure your kids won’t miss these exciting Savannah kids activities!

3. Kid camping style: Setting up sleeping arrangements 

If you’re travelling with toddlers or babies, you might want to bring along a pack-n-play. Children at that age probably aren’t used to sleeping outdoors, what more on sleeping bags. So, bringing a pack-n-play that keeps them elevated when they’re sleeping is a good idea. To keep insects out at night, you can also throw a sheet or mosquito net over the pack-n-play easily. 

For those with older children who might be excited about sleeping in sleeping bags, you can consider bringing along soft mats are even yoga mats. Whatever you choose to bring, just make sure that they’re at least an inch thick. Placing these mats under your child’s sleeping bag will make it softer and more comfortable. So, you don’t have to worry about being woken up at night by your kid’s complaints. 

Another tip to consider is to stuff pillowcases with jackets instead of bringing along actual pillows. In the summer, a stuffed pillowcase is much softer and cooler than a pillow. Furthermore, if your kids need to go for midnight potty runs, they can simply throw on one of the jackets and stuff them back in when they get back. 

4. Camping with children: Bring along entertainment

One of the best things about going camping is the endless adventures and experiences that nature has to offer. Take a swim in the lake, or go bug-hunting in the forest. Start a campfire and toast from marshmallows. These are things your kids probably won’t get to experience back at home. So, make the most of your time and participate in these outdoor activities. 

But of course, there’s only so much running around and playing in the dirt that’ll keep kids occupied before they start complaining about being bored. So, to prevent any fussy or whining, bring along toys or ball games from home. With all these things available to keep your kids entertained, you don’t have to worry about them complaining or getting up to any mischief. 

Here are some toys you can bring along:

  • Ball games like football 
  • Water guns 
  • Magnifying glass and nets for bug catching 
  • Binoculars for stargazing or birdwatching 
  • Puzzles 
  • Card games like UNO or Go Fish 
  • Bubbles 

5. Nighttime safety is important when camping with kids

Last but not least, bring along some flashlights or glow lights. Most campsites aren’t that well lit so it can get pretty dark at night. To avoid any accidents, consider hanging glow sticks around your campsite to increase visibility at night. You should also tie them to things like chairs or logs so no one trips over them at night. Headlights or flashlights also come in handy during nighttime toilet trips or if you’re trying to find something in the dark. 


Now that you’ve read all these tips, going camping with your children shouldn’t sound too difficult or stressful anymore. Just remember, the most important thing when going on a trip with your children is to plan ahead. If you’re committed to going on a camping trip, put in the time to plan early and avoid being caught unprepared. Trust us, proper preparation will save you a lot of frustration and stress.