Prestige Cars : A Direct Competitor of Sixt Luxury Cars?

Renting a car does not always need to consist of finding practical solutions only. With luxury car rentals, you can instead combine the need for a vehicle with the joy of driving a truly outstanding car. The luxury car rental platform Prestige Cars is rivalling market leaders like Sixt by providing the first full-solution service with a presence in over 40 international cities, starting in Dubai. Learn more about their service and its benefits here.

Why to Rent a Luxury Car?

When we rent a car, it’s usually out of necessity. In most cases, it is tourists or business travellers that are in need of a vehicle for transportation at their destination. Depending on the person’s needs and demands, the choice of model and brand is tied to factors like the cost or size of the car.

Renting luxury cars typically fulfils a different need. Here, the client is willing to not select the cheapest solution, but instead base the choice on the experience they are looking for. Owning and even driving a luxury car from brands like Rolls-Royce and Ferrari isn’t in the cards for most people.

By renting a luxury car, we can:

  • experience the high-quality equipment and driving pleasures of a luxury car.
  • use the luxury car to impress others, for example when travelling to business meetings.
  • travel in style and simply treat ourselves to the special feeling of handling a car with high prestige.

No matter the reason, getting to drive a luxury car fulfils the long-lasting wishes of many car enthusiasts.

Prestige Cars – The Full-Service Luxury Car Rental Platform

The Prestige Cars luxury car rental platform is a product of Prestige Portal Ltd., based in Dubai. On you can get an overview over the entirety of their service and specific models in their fleet.

Using their online service,

  • you can choose and configure your vehicle remotely,
  • determine the rental dates,
  • select a pick-up or delivery location,
  • and securely pay for the service via credit card.

No sign-up is needed for reservations.

Prestige Cars’ Locations

The luxury car rental platform was launched in Dubai. Being famous for its focus on luxury, the service offers the perfect means of transportation to explore the city in a fitting vehicle. Since the launch, the service has established presences in over 40 international cities. Their plan is to offer their rental service in 100 cities by 2023.

Prestige Cars’ Fleet

Prestige Cars exclusively offers cars and high-class models from truly extravagant brands. They include:

  • Audi
  • Bentley
  • Cadillac
  • Chevrolet
  • Ferrari
  • Ford
  • Lamborghini
  • Lexus
  • Maserati
  • McLaren
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Porsche
  • Range Rover
  • Rolls-Royce

Created by these brands, the fleet offers several categories of vehicles, from sports and rally cars to limousines.

Additionally, you can request a variety of ‘special vehicles’. These have extraordinary features, like special paint, tuning for racing, or especially noble interiors.


As a full-service rental platform, Prestige Cars has several advantages, including the following:

Real-time Bookings Without Brokers

The bookings are processed over Prestige Car’s own web service. Any booking is directly handled by the company, instead of relayed over brokers. This way, the reservation is made in real-time and does not include unnecessary intermediary’s fees.

Guaranteed Vehicles

Because of this benefit, the specific vehicle you book is immediately reserved exclusively for the user. You are provided with the exact car as you have seen online and will not need to worry about the service’s fleet capacity and having to pick substitute cars in phases of high demand.

Secure Payment Processing

You can pay the balance in cash or by card. The online payment processing via credit cards is secure and easy. Additionally, the fee will only be debited from the account once the reservation has been confirmed.

Flexible Conditions

Prestige Car’s rentals do not require you to rent vehicles for multiple days. The minimum rental period starts at 24 hours. This way, you can flexibly use the car for special occasions, like day trips, weekend trips, or whole vacations, and only pay for as many days as you need it.

Free Daily Mileage

Each day of the rental period comes with 200 kilometres of free usage.

Special Offers & Discounts

When you are registered for the Prestige Cars Programme, you can make use of favourable discounts for early online booking. Additionally, the provider frequently offers special rates and packages, especially for holidays and international business meetings in the destination location.


If you have ever dreamed of driving one of the Top 20 Luxury Car Brands, luxury car rentals like Prestige Cars are the right choice for you. Using their service, you can book a luxury car for as little as a day. This way, you can experience the extravagant high-tech vehicles typically reserved for the upper class and travel in style, if only for a short while.

Using their online service, you can choose from a variety of luxury car brands and models and reserve them without a sign-up. By 2023, the company is hoping to offer their luxury car rental platform in 100 international cities.