Protecting Your Cars: This Is How to Organize Your Garage


For many homeowners, the garage is a multi-use space. It’s not only a place to store cars, it’s also a woodworking shop, a gym, a hangout area, or a storage space. And for some people, it’s a combination of them all!

With everything you need the garage to do, you must learn how to organize your garage. Because clutter isn’t only bad for your mental health, it also makes moving through a space comfortably impossible.

Read on to learn how to get the most out of your space and have the best garage on the block.

Clean It Out

The first step in organizing a garage is to clear everything out. This step is going to be the most difficult and time-consuming, but you can’t organize well without first being able to see the space.

Set aside an afternoon (or a weekend) and go through every object in your garage. Toss, sell, and donate what you can – only keep the necessities.

Draw Out Your Plan

Once you have your belongings pared down to only what will be staying, you can draw out your garage design. When designing a garage, the key is to include a place for everything.

If everything has a home, it’s far less likely to become a cluttered mess again in the future.

Create a space for gardening tools and landscaping equipment in one area, bikes, and other frequently used items in another. Items used the least often, such as seasonal decor, should be stored in the spots that are toughest to reach.

Create a Base

Using your plans, you can gather your storage materials. Stackable plastic bins and a label maker are going to be your best friends. In addition, it’s a good idea to get some plastic or metal shelves on which to store the bins.

If you want to hang cabinets, paint the walls, or redo the flooring, now’s the time. Those in need of attractive yet damage-resistant flooring should look into Garage Force. Epoxy flooring is gaining popularity in garages, but Garage Force is stronger epoxy!

Maintain Your Hard Work

Your walls and floors are beautiful, everything has a home, and you now have more than enough space to work with. Now all that’s left is to ensure that you never fall into the same bad habits as before!

Just as you do inside your home, put away everything once you’re done using it, taking care to place it in its correct home. Keep a broom, dustpan, and small vacuum next to your workbench for cleaning up sawdust and other messes.

And once a year, go through your belongings and toss, donate, or sell anything you haven’t used.

Learn How to Organize Your Garage to Maximize Your Space

When you’re surveying your space and trying to figure out how to organize your garage, there’s no magic solution. It’s going to take time and hard work, and depending on the state of your garage, you could be looking at quite a project.

But when you’re pumping iron or building a bookshelf or watching football with your friends and there’s still plenty of room left for your car, you’ll thank yourself for the effort.

In need of more tips and tricks for beautifying your home inside and out? Take a look at our blog!


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